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[developers] Chrome Plugin for hughesnet


[developers] Chrome Plugin for hughesnet

I've been thinking for a few feeks about developing a chrome plugin for hughesnet. 


The plugin would:


- poll the router every (configurable number) seconds for state code and usage

- change the icon based on system status (fap,down,normal)

- deactivate if unable to reach the router(such as being connected to another network)

- when clicked, show a small status panel with usage meters and state code.


I'm here to see if anyone is interested in collaborating on this as an open source project. Initially i could only support the ht2000 router, as that is the router that I have. But maybe we could have it detect routers and react accordingly.


Anyone interested in this? 


I don't know the first thing about developing chrome plugins, but it should be fairly simple since its just javascript/html/css with some additional javascript apis and conventions.