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Adding more Hughesnet Representatives to the Community

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Re: Adding more Hughesnet Representatives to the Community



@val_t wrote:
as far as spanish (or any other language) you might try Google Translate.  You can copy paste the question and it can translate for you.  Then you can type in your answer and copy paste it back here to them. Smiley Happy
Esto es una idea buena. Por qué no pensé en esto, jaja
That's a good idea. Why didn't I think of that, haha (....I think)
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Re: Adding more Hughesnet Representatives to the Community

I speak fluent English (from England) myself, and that's the one and only language I manage to keep in my brain....Can't even handle American sometimes.




@bare65 wrote:

Well...if hughesnet is contracting CSR's to the lowest bidder, let me just put it out there that I'm willing to sit here and assist customers via phone and/or internet all day long for the low LOW cost of my monthly hughesnet bill, LOL! (which is approx. $68 monthly...or $2.26 per day) script needed, I have impeccable customer service skills (just saying, lol) and I speak fluent English....

(with a wee bit of a Scottish accent)

Unfortunatley, I no hablo espanol BUT I could probably wing it..



Re: Adding more Hughesnet Representatives to the Community

Gabe, I've yet to figure out why you keep protecting a multi-BILLION dollar company that has nothing in it's best interest other than GREED.... 


For a company to give such dismal service, non existant support, and then ask it's customers too help other customers is rediculious. What world do you live in, where it's OK to treat your customers like dirt, then ask them to help others becauuse you don't want to provide support as a company to your customers. .


Man.. If I owned a company, I'd have you on the payroll. You're a heck of a loyal cheerleader... 


The Brass at Hughes arre asleep at the helm, and the plebes on the payroll are doing the rowing blindly... 


The CEO should try, just one time, calling tech support and see how screwed up his company may be.. (actually is) but I'm sure he's too worried about mushing the company  dogs across Alaska....  because, you know, IIt's more important to have a winning dog team instead of a winnning paid staff... and more important than providing a quality service to paying customers.  




Why do you care? You got no dog in this fight... or do you?