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AcpResearcher Before your 1st bill Learn! Recurring/One Time Charges: fees

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AcpResearcher Before your 1st bill Learn! Recurring/One Time Charges: fees

1st question: Identify everything that should be on your bill, and maintain your copies.

What is this : @Amanda 
Recurring/One Time Charges: fees

$ 4.72
As my order summary lists:
-$5.02 as in credit expected from discounts to be applied.
forward copy of my bill to either & both listed e-mail or text-able device accounts for the beginning of the rebate HD1038 process, . Please   @...            .
()<-the short question

_>Continuing question - For the readers & further explanation; as shortening this will just get confusing. Pick your fav piece and you get to #number it in your reply you might even add to the number of history the cosmos & of everything 42.


{Regarding ACP accounts with "HughesnetSatellite"} What is the billing cycle?
#days from Order /or/ install - monthly on what date. understood that 1st month is prorated & allowance resets for 20 days.
When is payment due on this account?  
Will _._ discounts available at time of order be applied to this bill as well as future bills as a credit .?.
And if so; utilized to pay for charges incurred now that will post at a latter time,(such as lease fees, or additional services: Like norton 360 or express repair) such as at time of installation if tech request payment for the included materials such as a wall plate connection.?.
Have read this question elsewhere in the mssg bds without discovering the solution Will discounts or over payment carry over as a credit on account? 
or cause confusion and aggravation :
"Forgive disjuncture in these questions as they have been beat together over months with no home; only my head for shelter."


  Have searched & read posts
to get a better understanding as should always be done or at least attempted; like cuddlebug posted "Recurring/One Time Fee????" in 2015, invoice fee : "paper bill" vs. "online- 1"one time payments" billing , monthly "auto-bill" payments.
CWM030 post on EBB.



Here is a preview of the next Question to post: as "~Explaining your bill by example~"
If this is similar; can "online- 1"one time payments" billing  be applied here under present circumstances as monthly "auto-bill" payments may be applied as discounts at time of billing.?.
Usage Charges: $ 0.00
Current Charges: $ 4.72
Taxes: $ 2.18
Total Current Invoice: $ 6.90
Total Due: $ 6.90
Due Date: 9/27/22
.................................   ...
Update:Re-Checked again before posting & According to billing page changing to paper from auto pay will add the $5 paper billing charge suggesting that this is not the source of this charge. as indicated by the "?" in the blue dot following auto pay enrolled under the orange pay now button.
What does this button do?
I know : "(gui) graphic user iinterface" has to change and often does so faster than the helpers can keep up with, for new searchers no the current gui does not match the old dash board interface listed in the intro vid or other examples; hopefully the answers are here and you can help keep them current & up to date.
This question above is to answer: I have not pressed this button in the process of searching out my information;  because upon just discovering my card was charged without notice or Permission for that matter after being reassured many times by many avenues that there was to be zero- no charge. ...
Currently~ Customer since 9/27/2022. Bill due 10/7/2022: as there are 5/7 days remaining in my 3-10 day billing cycle "Hoping for the best" response possible and the moderators are not expected to be on the bds until their respected weekly shifts.
Trying to obtain (ACP) internet since Nov2021 = 11months with HnSat since Aug2022=2months and there is a long story to be told.



Edits here: positive note- found out the mssg bd post system will save a draft of the post as you type it that can be re-accessed by refreshing the page if the servers time out and red flag authorization at the top of page while saving the post content due to latency issues in the "notepad" used for backup. always backup Comm to prevent stress.



As this post will be for testing purposes: it may be edited with time.
PM=private message with suggestions: such as how to contact directly, tips, tech, &
additions that should also be posted here for new patrons;
attempting to join the age of communication (aoc).


~AcpResearcher : All newby questions belong here.~. as well as their answers.


Good morning AcpResearcher,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! I can help you understand your bill. The $4.72 is what you owe after all the discounts; mind you it doesn't include various taxes, which is why the total of your latest bill is $6.90. Follow this guide to review your bill details. 


If you'd like to receive e-mail and text notifications regarding your bill, you can manage your notifications by following these steps. 


Billing cycles typically start on the date of your installation, so in your case, it's the 27th. If you look at your bill, it will say in the top right corner that the Date Due is on the 27th.


Credits will be applied as applicable, so while your ACP credit will continue being applied as long as the ACP exists and you don't try to apply ACP to another service, your other service credit ($20) is valid for the first 6 months of service. This is indicated in your bill details:  Monthly Credit (1 of 6) So when you see that note on your bill read (6 of 6), you can expect your next bill to increase since that service credit has expired.


The charges and credits you see on the current bill apply only to the current bill. Installation/activation fees are one time so you will not see that on future bills. Your service plan, lease, Express Repair Basic, and Norton 360 are all monthly fees and will be on all your bills moving forward. This is indicated on your bill under the Type column, it will say one time fee/one time credit/monthly fee/monthly credit.


If you receive any discounts or credits that put your balance and bill in the negative (meaning nothing is owed), then yes that carries over to the next bill where it will be applied. So if you have a -$5 balance, and your next bill is $15, then you only pay $10 on the next bill.


"can "online- 1"one time payments" billing  be applied here under present circumstances as monthly "auto-bill" payments may be applied as discounts at time of billing.?." I'm sorry, I don't quite understand this question. One time payments are just that: a one time payment for a one time fee. An example of a one time fee would be if you bought Data Tokens. A monthly fee would be your lease fee. Both will be paid automatically as you are on auto-pay.


The little blue ? next to anything is a tool tip and gives you additional information about whatever it's next to. So the one next to "Auto-pay enrolled" will give you additional info about auto-pay.


I hope this answers your questions, let me know if I need to clarify anything else further. Thanks!




If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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