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Billing question

Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Billing question

This is an account and tech support site, not a site to get other opinions. Try social media for that. 

Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Billing question

@jliston924 wrote:

It's not my responsibility to read your disclaimer nor do I care.  

Actually, it is.  


With that said, HughesNet uses forward billing.  You're paying for the month of service ahead of you, not what you just used.  While other companies may deduct the payment at a later date, HughesNet does so on the date the invoice is generated.  Paper billing may be available as an alternate to automatic.  You have to request this.  There is a $5 per month fee for this.


Regarding your bill, other than tax changes, discounts starting or ending or data tokens being purchased, your bill should be the same every month.  This is with the exception of the first month or two, while any prorated amounts or taxes "catch up". 


@jliston924 wrote:

Enjoy your poor internet service and ridiculous customer service as I will be spending my money elsewhere. 

While you certainly have the right to terminate your service at any time, keep in mind that, due to the 24 month commitment, you'll be subject to an Early Termination Fee at one month in, which will be $400.

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