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After 11 months of HughesNet frustration, I will be cancelling my service as soon as I locate alternate internet. I have made countless calls to both the lower level techs, who only read from a checklist (useless), to higher level techs. While all techs have been courteous and the higher level techs, for the most part, seemed to have tried to resolve my buffering issues, absolutely nothing has been resolved. The only streaming I can do effectively is Netflix, which works the majority of the time. Amazon Prime, youtube, general video, ifit, etc. all have major buffering issues and are inconsistent. Amazon Prime is totally useless to me at this point. My latest call was this morning to account management--tech suggested I call back in the evening when the buffering is occurring--I have already done this countless times and am tired of spending hours on the phone in the evening with no resolution! I received a call a couple of weeks ago from HughesNet inquiring about a poor review I gave on Hughesnet. I explained the situation to her, she was courteous and kind. My cancellation fee, after 11 months, stands at $265 with absolutely no offer to lower this fee after nearly a year of being unable to use this service effectively. Shameful!!

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Best wishes in your search for another provider. Most satellite Internet users have no viable alternative that is why we learn to do the best we can with what it is.


As far as the buffering thing, there is PlayOn Cloud which works well. There is a small fee for recordings and means you must decide what you want to watch before hand then record and download it. Can schedule to download during Bonus time.


Here is where we've been discussing it:


Hi Rhonda,


Thanks for posting. Glad to hear you can stream Netflix. As for Amazon Prime Video, have you already tried adjusting the playback quality? Here are steps for making these adjustments to improve streaming. If you're trying to stream on the device with the MAC address ending in 28:23:f0, I suggest moving it closer to the modem, as it only has a fair signal strength. Otherwise, your diagnostics do show that the HughesNet system is working well, which is why the phone agent suggested you call back for live troubleshooting when you are experiencing buffering.


  Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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Liz...if you read thru my account notes, you will see that every adjustment possible from my end has been tried numerous times over the past 11 months, to no avail.


About patience.....I'm all out!

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Just to be double sure, have you made sure to try turning off, or pausing, the Video Data Saver?  

@GabeU ....yes, that has been tried several times!