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HughesNet Survey 'Reward' Offer

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Re: HughesNet Survey 'Reward' Offer

I sure wish I new about this scam. I also got an email saying the same thing as Andreatx did. I ended up doing the survey and chose the Teeth Whitening System. All I had to do is pay for shipping . I think it was about 2 or 4 dollars. Then when I ended up getting the package reading the tiny writing it said that I would have to pay hundred and something dollars if I didn't cancel within 14 days. I got on the phone right away. I called right away to cancel. They made it so hard to do anything that I ended up paying 9 dollars and something to keep what they sent plus the shipping I already had gave them on my credit card. So this cost me about 15 dollars. But, I figured that I deserved this for not paying better attention. My browers is Crome. The thing is that I new better then to do this, but I really did trust HughesNet Survery. I also have had the Teeth Whitening system before from another company. Just wanted to add my comment.
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Re: HughesNet Survey 'Reward' Offer

Just because it says HughesNet does not mean it is HughesNet. People need to realize there are thousands of scams on the internet where fraudulent people pose as well known companies just to get money and personal information.

Rule of thumb, do not click on any link when a company sends an email. Instead go to the page of the company and log in like you normally would. DO NOT click on links in email to log into anything. 
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Re: HughesNet Survey 'Reward' Offer

And never EVER give out your credit card or any other personal info to anyone or for anything you receive by Email or in a browser popup window, regardless of who they say they are. These parasites depend on peoples' misplaced trust for their blood.

BTW, as I mentioned in another topic on scams, I'm moving ahead with putting together a free class on Internet safety for our local Senior Centers here. And I invite our other techie Members on these Forums to spare some time in their communities and consider doing the same.

You have something truly valuable to offer to others less knowledgeable, especially elderly newcomers to the Internet who grew up in a different time when criminals couldn't pick your pockets from halfway around the world. 
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Re: HughesNet Survey 'Reward' Offer

The fake hughesnt pop-up on your computer could be caused by a certain unknown program that can use cookies to measure your recent internet activities. I encountered such scam a less weeks ago. Simply resetting Firefox or Chrome can't stop it. Malwarebytes might be powerful for you. But luckily  I removed this pop-up with the help of a internet tutorial.