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Hughesnet Owes Me

Hi Liz.


On the 8th of may my HN9000 service went down and customer support told me a tech would need to be sent out. I was told that I would be credited for the three days it would be down. Now then I thought to **bleep** with it and signed up for Gen5 and was told that it would be installed the same day the tech would have been out to fix the HN9000, so basicaly goodbye HN9000 hello Gen5 on the 11th May.


I pay my bill by direct debit, that is it comes out of our bank account. On the 12th May I saw that I had been billed for the HN9000 and fair enough it was only one day between the Gen5 installation and the the HN9000 coming out so I get that my billing details hadn't been updated in that short period of time.


So I called customer support to ask if the price difference between Gen5 and my old HN9000 and the three days without internet would be credited on my next bill and was told that this would be the case. Well on checking our bank account, guess what? I'm sure you really don't need to guess do you, sure enough no price difference and no three days without internet credit on our latest bill.


So can we get this fixed please? On the whole I am quite happy with my hughesnet service but I must say that your telephone customer support does let hughesnet down very badly.




George Ferguson


Good morning George,


Thank you for posting. I'm sorry to hear this, I can certainly take care of this for you. I've already pulled up your account and applied the appropriate credits. If you have additional questions, feel fee to reach out again.




If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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Good Morning Liz. Thank you for taking care of this so promptly.




George Ferguson.

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