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New Install

New Member

Re: New Install

Hi HF,

No I am not an editor, just a publicist. If your are writing/have wrote I can give you several editors. It depends on if you need editing for British English or American English. If you are looking to self publish I can help with that also. I can be reached at info -at- kybunnies -dot- com

Thanks for the link to the manual. I have it saved and will read it.
New Member

Re: New Install

Thanks for the information! I'm not considering publishing but that may change eventually.

I hope your new install is still performing well. It seems that people get placed into two buckets when they subscribe to HughesNet: those that have no problems (like me, so far), and those who are living in an alternate dimension where everyone has goatees and the modem goes down every other day. Hopefully, you landed in the first bucket...

Assistant Professor

Re: New Install

Yea HF, I got put in the good bucket also it seems. Some short lived prime time slowdowns and a signal reduction when they messed with my beam. So far though service has been pretty good on Gen4.

April 18th install.