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Ok, where's my data ?


Ok, where's my data ?

So I used all my prime time data with 2 days left, I restored my speed by using some free tokens, I had one day left and check I still have 0% of prime and 449M of token bytes available, when my data was refreshed the next morning, BEFORE 8AM, I check and all my token data was used and 4M used of my prime time data, so how is that? I opened a service request with customer service  JXHF7E468B8G and they told me that was correct, so I ask here, if my data was restored the 27th at 12:00 am then any data used before that by any device should have gone against my BONUS data ?? or is that just when it convient ?  I want my data and token data back that was not used during primt time, can someone help ?

Carmen Vitullo

Re: Ok, where's my data ?

Hi Pete,

 The Bonus hours are from 2AM - 8AM your local time. Your data resets at midnight the day of your reset date. So there is actually a 2 hour window from when it resets until when your Bonus hours kick in where your regular plan data gets drawn from (if used).  I am reviewing your account in detail to give you a more specific answer.





New Poster

Re: Ok, where's my data ?

Good luck.