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Once again getting screwed by hughes Net!

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Once again getting screwed by hughes Net!

I am amazed at how bad this service is!  I burn through all my data within 2-3 days - the last month all bonus data was fried within a few days (burned 33GB in one night while I slept!!)  I think this service is a complete scam and I am pissed I am stuck with them for another 18 months!  I thought my DSL service was bad, but in hindsite it rocks compared to this S@$%!  I honestly cant wait to get back to my DSL because at least that was consistent.


Hughesnet takes no responsibility for data useage and it is ALWAYS the users issue - they conviently explain how it can never be them and that satellite is so much more complicated than ground based internet.  Ridiculous!!


I would love to start a revolution against this company - it kills me how they promote their tell a friend campaign.  Has anyone ever recommended this service to a friend?


Needless to say I am pissed - pissed at myself for believing the lies and signing up for the service, and pissed at the company for such an awful service!!