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Rebate? paperless e-mail alternative to printed snail mail application?

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Rebate? paperless e-mail alternative to printed snail mail application?

Rebate? paperless e-mail alternative to printed snail mail application?
is there a paperless alternative (e-mail , text or web page) to printed snaiL maiL application for $300 rebate (HD1038 Residental) specifically prepaid Mastercard® card ?


How do you get a claim number sent as from such site such as: 
(Thank you for your email!  Your ticket number is 7016597 "this site seems to be an autobounce for checking progressof claims")
as listed on do I need to know about HughesNet rebates?

Update: . Rebate process may not be paperless or easy, however tracking progress should be with e-mail address & Claim reference # sent to that e-mail .
To track:[ (utilizing hyper link in e-mail looking like Website:
)ending in Claim reference #
MJRGZ...GQ] , Here is to hoping for more reported success:  still awaiting receit in mail 3wks & counting will not be here by christmas hopefully by next year.
mee too @AcpResearcher  @Damian 
@kjani @rebate 


Having found the required: (1/3) Rebate form. (2/3)1st invoice. (3/3) 2nd invoice.
& saved copy.

and found a way to view them by expanding them to max window size so formatting is not "squished out of shape" even if print preview still reformats less than legable (accepting suggestions to solve this automated aggravation) Best solution for printing has been to select the entire desired portion of each invoice & alternately or right click the print option and print or as {"save as a file"} after selecting the desired print options such as (print selection + print 2 pages on 1) to preserve formatting and prevent info loss that might invalidate ; instead of just clicking the print button at the bottom as this seems to solve the formatting errors and provide all the information. 
digital transmission would solve such issues as formatting and save postage and an aggravating trip to town as well as time.
cust. service chat has no suggestions as far as above much beyond. . .   





Thank you for reaching out to us. I definitely understand and will let our team know about your suggestions regarding the rebate process. If there are any plans for a fully paperless process, I will let you know right away. -Damian 


Here is to hoping for more reported success: Has anyone had any luck with the phone #  Toll-free 800-310-0540
HughesNet Rebates Team   ?   
Still awaiting Rebate (ppcc) in mail 3wks & counting from approval will not be here by christmas hopefully by next year.
mee too @AcpResearcher  @Damian 
@kjani @rebate