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Sales Rep Misinformation

I read a few other posts about people who were misinformed by their sales rep in order to get them to sign up for service. Similarly, I was told that if I am streaming Netflix and Hulu every day, as well as getting on social medias, I would have plenty of data--and not run out--on a 20 GB plan. Because I knew nothing about internet data, I trusted and believed her, agreeing to a contract based on her information...and, of course, I was out of data within a week each month after the first month of unlimited data. I live alone and literally take everthing off wifi access, except for the device I am using, in order to preserve data--still running out within a week, even using the data saver feature. Is there hope to get out of this contract, without financial pentalty, due to being told I would be getting a certain service that I did not recieve? 


Please, please send this to someone who can help. I do not know who to contact who can truly help.


Hi RebekahWilson,


Thank you for your continued patience while your call was reviewed. These are the results from the sales source:


The agent set the expectation with the customer that when the monthly data allotment was expended that the speed would slow down. The agent did not however set the proper expectation as to how much streaming could be done within the customers monthly data allotment. 


This was an agent who quit shortly after finishing training. We will make sure that the new hire groups are properly trained on setting expectations.


I do apologize that we did not properly set expectations for you during the call. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so that we may improve our training. Please check your private messages in the top right corner of the community page as I've sent you a PM to further address your concerns.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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