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Unsatisfied With service

I have tried the service for about nine months now, due to our rural locale having any type of internet service is a challenge. We mainly have the service for our security system, it has two cameras (the very minimum to support). We upgrade all the way to a business account hoping that would allow us to be able to stream the cameras, still virtually a hit and miss if the cameras worked, and of course if it was overcast absolutely no service for the cams. Anyways we found a couple of options with wireless service the last couple of months that have solved the camera streaming issue and have been able to add the full array of cameras back.

Today I call in to cancel the service and find out that it's $575 ETF, after much discussion, (over 1 hour on the phone altogether with 2 CSR), they suggested to go to a $69.99/month rate for the next 12 months and then I'll only have 3 months to figure out.

As a small business owner if I was to run my business this way I would not stay in business, you guys are asking me to pay another $575 for something that does not work. once again I should have read the contract better but I would never want to charge someone for something that they are not going to use or want, again HughesNet takes advantage of situations instead of being a good neighbor, hope you guys can sleep at night know you're taking in money and not providing a service, very close to scammers and one step up from outright stealing.