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Windows 10 Question

Honorary Alumnus

Re: Windows 10 Question

Charles, I got that.
Just wondering if the old tin foil hat is a little tight.

Re: Windows 10 Question

Hi Alana,

Welcome back! Looks like our community members were able to help address your concerns. If we we can help you with any further questions let us know. 

- Chris
New Member

Re: Windows 10 Question

That would be a "Yep" Chris! There are certainly some very helpful people on this community board.
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Re: Windows 10 Question

Hey there my Friend--LOL! I "wish" my tin-foil hat was on a bit too tight! Sad to tell you but I think I'm heading off to the UFO "Crash Site" in the wilderness here & see if I can find any of that ship metal; wear THAT & see how things go!!

I forgot that the "weekend" (& Holiday) agents are usually "Grumpier" when they get duty--so I've been trying to post the screenshot of that little flag I've been left with. I have followed Melissa's instructions to the letter; however, No Go. I am seeming to be able to "snip" it, but when I go to the top screen & "Save As" dialogue box has ALL items greyed out. (Except the "Exit" one!)

I tried to get things to work all weekend & maybe that is what "upset" them. Anyway--I wanted to get some of the photos I've got from others (The "Cat with the Sh** Eating Grin" Amanda posted; Your popcorn eating deer & Melissa's Dog) to go on my FB--but THAT isn't happening either!  Oh: BTW: Melissa's directions on how to do this screenshot task is GREAT! Step by Step just like you do! (Tell her that & I LOVE her "Flag Rose"--Wish I Could Get THAT Too!)

Haven't tried FB yet today. Couldn't use it for months now; Oh Well, I'll try later on. (Of course: "We ALL Know It Is Hughesnet That Is 'BLOCKING' The Access"!! LOL!) I have my FB under my name.

HS stands for "Homeland Security" & they are usually Federal Agents who are a Branch of the Treasury Department--at least that is all anyone can/is able to "Trace" them to--IF one leaves "messages" there; usually "some" Answer will get back to you!

Okay--Now you can figure me some "Whack-o"; BIT: I'd Do What Happened Again-In A Heartbeat!!