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"sales call review" to be performed my account

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"sales call review" to be performed my account

Requesting a sales call review due to being mislead and to have my contract terminated without cancellation fees.

I switched service from Claro Puerto Rico to HughesNet, because I was having buffering issues with Claro Puerto Rico.  Both the sales call & also the installation technician assured me that with HughesNet's 25 Mb/sec service, I would have superior service.  The sales call did not fully explain the data cap.  My understanding of data usage is from my cell phone usage ~~ that as long as I was connected to WiFi, I was NOT using data.  Today, I received a phone call from HughesNet to an email survey in which I expressed dissatisfaction with HughesNet service ~~ specifically frequent loss of WiFi connection.  I was shocked at what I learned ~~ that I used up my 20 GB/month allowance and as a result my speed decreased to less than 2 MB/sec causing the frequent loss of WiFi.  I was also shocked to learn that w/ HughesNet I consume data while WiFi connected.  This data usage while WiFi connected was not fully explained explained when I signed up for HughesNet.  This is worse service than I had with Claro Puerto Rico at yet a higher cost.  I learned that with HughesNet CONSTANT data usage [for email, Internet, program updates, video, ....] & if I downgraded HiDef video to std def, I'd be using ~.7 GB/hr at which rate I'd be using up my 20 GB in 24-28 hrs usage/month, or 60 min/day