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FACEBOOK Status, Please

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FACEBOOK Status, Please

For all who were experiencing problems with FB over the past several days, please try it now and post back today.  We believe we've resolved the problem but...only you can confirm that for us. We've got engineers waiting for your feedback.  Thank you for your patience and working with us.


It is working for me today as of now.
New Member

I didn't have any problems with FB until now. FB is not loading. Refreshing the page does nothing and my Macs Activity Monitor shows no data coming in or out during the time I try to load FB.
Safari ends up with a "Failed to open page error" because the FB server wasn't responding.

I think I spoke too early. FB just loaded up fine.
greg0658 .
New Member

I'm in blackout Now & seems morning of Dec12 start .. can't be a block for piss'g someone off - get into FB at MJs wifi .. makes ya wonder if NSA or DHS is mad at FB acquaintances or Me .. updated all the supplemental computer language plugins Flash, Java, even Acrobat .. Norton never had trouble with ya before
greg0658 .
New Member

working now - thanks .. what did you do?