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HughesNet Introduces Single Sign-On for Customers

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HughesNet Introduces Single Sign-On for Customers

Community Posters- Ever wonder why you can’t use just one account login to manage all your HughesNet services?  Soon you can. We’re getting ready to launch Single Sign-On, allowing you to log in once, just once, and access all of your HughesNet services from a single portal.  You’ll still be able to use many of the log-ins you do today (i.e., Google, Facebook, etc.).  With Single Sign-On, you’ll immediately access your HughesNet Community as well as the Customer Management Center for billing, troubleshooting tests, usage information, token activities, etc.  In fact, if you authenticate with your HughesNet account, we should be able to find you in our database without you having to post a case or serial number.   What a concept!  :-)Over the next few weeks, our moderators will start posting different log-in scenario to help step you through the process. It’s really quite easy and we hope you’ll find it improves your account management experience.    As always, we look forward to your feedback.
New Poster

Thats Awesome, Thanks Katie
Christopher San
New Member

Katie , That's a great idea !!!!   , looking forward to this happening !!!!!!!!!!!!!  and thanks for that heads-up !!
Honorary Alumnus

Thanks Katie, that should greatly smooth the process !

Assistant Professor

Definitely a step forward!

Fantastic idea.
Sarah Rowley
New Member

Thanks for the information!! I think this will be great step forward..