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Spaceway Service Notice

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Spaceway Service Notice

Wednesday, 8/19/15, at 12:34am ET our Spaceway satellite 
experienced an interruption of service lasting until 
8:03am ET.  Now that the event is over, some of you may
be wondering if it was linked to the Spaceway satellite
interruption on August 4th.  While we’re still conducting
a root cause analysis into the problem with the satellite
manufacturer, the events do not appear to be linked. The 
Spaceway satellite performance has not been affected and 
is expected to continue to perform its mission into the 
next decade.   

We respect your need to know about events like this as 
soon as possible and in the most convenient way.  To that 
end, we posted messages on our HughesNet support telephone
lines, customer care and social media websites as well as 
the HughesNet Customer Management Center. We’re sensitive 
to the importance of Internet access for you and your 
family or business and extend our sincere apologies for 
any inconvenience.
New Member

Tonight I have received a Web Acceleration Client Error Message that I have received more frequently over the past few weeks and now I am wondering if it is related to the satellite outage.  I don't think the problem has been totally fixed.


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