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Ad-block whiners

Ad-block whiners

  Three new ad-block whiners:  Washington Times,  The Daily Caller, and American Greatness.  I sent this message to all three of them.


To all ad-block whiners:


  I am on a data limited satellite connection. IOW I pay for every byte that passes over my connection, and I don't choose to PAY to download your ads, which I would just ignore anyway. It's a struggle every billing cycle to stay under the data limit, so I installed an ad blocker to try to save on data usage. Now your site refuses to run unless I turn off my ad-blocker. I look on this practice as little more than extortion.


  On the rare occasions that I watch TV I use my remote to either switch to a commercial free channel or mute the TV whenever a commercial comes on. I'll bet you advertising weenies would love to find a way to block this practice and force us all to watch Big-Brother all of the time.


  I guess the advertisers are determined to ruin the internet they way they did Christmas, commercial TV, and telephones. Land line telephones are now practically useless because of telemarketers and robo-callers. I guess cell phones and the internet will be next.


From "I Remember Yule" by Ogden Nash:


"Well, you reverent sponsors redolent of frankincense and myrrh,  come

                       smear me with bear–grease and call me an un-American hellion.
This is my declaration of independence and rebellion.
This year I’m going to disconnect everything electrical in the house and spend
                     the Christmas season like Tiny Tim and Mr. Pickwick;
You make me sickwick."


  BTW the entire poem is at: