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Meanwhile, in New York...

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Meanwhile, in New York...


"The broadband program office made satellite internet a significant component of its broadband push, awarding nearly $15.5 million in state funds — along with $13.6 million in federal and private funds — to Hughes Network Services, LLC.


"Empire State Development officials say Hughes will be required to offer internet with download speeds of 25 megabytes per second — the state threshold for the most rural areas."



Will be really interesting to see how this plays out Smiley LOL 


So if I read that right and hughes takes all that funded money and gives them people a fixed low price contract with a fixed FAST speed of 25 and deliver ,That mean's that the rest of us are getting screwed big time and hughes has the control to give what they want you to get at anytime. If they "hughes" fail they will be held for breech of contract. These people will be the only people getting what they are told they will get and the rest of the US will be ripped off and lied to. This is something ALL of us need to watch very close.