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Technical Help

I think that technical support should be something that offers for free. It costs me $99.99 for a simple solution, he also tried to get me to purchase other plan and was rude. I am asking for a refund of $99.99 be returned.


This board is *Not for HughesNet support*. You will have to post your concern is one of the other boards. Possibly in the one I have linked to below.

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HughesNet is your ISP. You have contracted with them to provide and support a specified amount of data each month.

Issues related to that are  supported in a number of ways, phone, email, chat and of course this forum if you post in the appropriate area ... Tech Support ..... Billing .....


Support of your  hardware and software is your responsibility or that of the publisher or manufacturer. If it is determined that the customers problem is not Hughes related they are sometimes referred to HTS ... a third party paid Tech Support firm. You also have the option of using local support companies or "Big Box" services such as Best Buys Geek Squad. Please note that I am not recommending any of the above.

Simply put, Hughes is your ISP, not your personal IT department or computer repair service.