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12.1.9 -- A transmit problem has occurred, and intermittent TCP acceleration

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12.1.9 -- A transmit problem has occurred, and intermittent TCP acceleration

so, first started with a red X on TCP acceleration, which would go away by me rebooting the modem via my phone and or power cycling it by unplugging via the cord, waiting, plugging back in. yes it has been on a power strip forever, and no plugging it into it's own socket did not solve the 12.1.9 transmit issue. it seems to hang up on TCP acceleration even when system status shows all green, so much so it won't sign into streaming services as it takes too long. signal strength is always over 110. is my modem dying? please help. thank you.

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The reps will likely have to help you with this issue.  Unfortunately though, they are off until Monday.  If you haven't ended up calling into phone support at 866-347-3292 by then, I would make sure to keep your HughesNet modem plugged in on Monday, if you normally don't, so that the reps can run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment if they deem it necessary.


If they need any personal information from you in order to locate your account they will ask for it to be sent via Private Message, for which they normally provide a link.

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i talked to 2 seperate reps today, one an installer in my home state, and one from the tech line at 888-999-4132, the guy at the 888 number gave me 3 gigs as i was over the FAP, which in the past hasn't mattered for streaming shows on any service i use. He said this should clear it up, which it hasn't, still have the transmit error, and it still hangs trying to sign in to any service, my playstation, just about everything. first time i've ever had this particular problem.

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