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12.1.9 state code, transmit problem

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12.1.9 state code, transmit problem

Over the past few days I've been experiencing unstable connections. The Satellite Receive Signal Strength will go from a usable 103 down to 85 or so at which time my State Code changes from 0.0.0 Fully Operation to 12.1.9 A Transmit Problem has occured. After that the connection will appear to search for the gateway and the Summary Operational state will alternate between red (Down) and green (Up). The internet ends up remaining unusable for hours during the evening or early morning, and (eventually) comes back up..

I tried a live chat with hughesnet tech support via my phone data when my wifi was still down and they told me it looked like my dish was in bad alignment and would need to be serviced by a technician....for the price of 155 dollars. Considering that I already spend over 200 dollars per month on sub-par service after being practically forced to purchase data tokens to have normal speeds on a good day when my allotted full speed runs out, I said 155 dollars was a bit much. The customer service rep proceeded to then try and sell me on "technician insurance" for an additional 8 dollars per month, and a 99 dollar technician visit instead. I reluctantly agreed, and they told me the soonest they could get a tech to me would be December 2nd. At that time that was going to be over two weeks! When I asked if there was any way we could schedule sooner the tech support rep told me they would take my phone number and have a technician call me personally to schedule an "expedited" service and that the person would likely call me the following day. Well, it's been three days and I'm still waiting for a call that I'm probably never getting, meanwhile I still have usable data tokens and spent hundreds of dollars on a service that is barely functional lately.

This is unacceptable and I would appreciate a real solution here so that I don't keep getting these outages..



Thanks for reaching out! I see these are your first posts here in the Community! Welcome! We'd like to take a look into this for you, but I was unable to locate the account connected to your Community profile. Please send a private message to the link provided below, with your account number or a phone number attached!



I had tech arrive today and the problem is solved for now. Thank you for the reply, I hope the proper admins can close this thread, my apologies.