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I have been receiving this state error code for the past 3 days resulting in no internet access. I spoke to phone support on Monday and chat support today. Case # 115940587 Phone support explained that the outage was due to snow in Cheyenne, WY. Chat support told me to call phone support with no further explaination. I find the snow explaination very difficult to believe. I need an alternative option rather than to wait for service or to call back later.




That State Code is primarily seen when there is a weather event and it looks like there are currently snow showers in Cheyenne, WY. Heavy thunderstorms or heavy snow/ice storms may result in intermittent connectivity or a temporary loss of connection, so it's not unusual for snow showers to affect your service. Taking a look at the weather forecast, it looks like the showers should be over by tomorrow.


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Is the transmission more susceptible to weather events than it has been in the past? This is the first such distrubance I have experienced.

Assistant Professor

@CornBuzzard, it all depends where the storm is in relation to line of site to the satellite, both at your location and your gateway location. In other words, a storm with very high clouds and intense rain, snow, lightning many miles from your location to the south, in line with your dish to the satellite, can cause degradation. The same is true at the gateway location.

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