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25.6 Mbps at PC, 1 Mbps everywhere else!!!

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25.6 Mbps at PC, 1 Mbps everywhere else!!!

Internet speed test at PC is usually around 25 Mbps. Whether we use wireless or ethernet from the Hughes router to any other device the speed is usually around 3 Mbps. Today it's 1 Mbps. All devices are newer. Hughes even replaced the router, still the same results. So the router seems to work normally until it tries to transmit. Any ideas on how to fix would be appreciated.


Yes, I have done extensive troubleshooting including the following:

  • replaced all ethernet cable, none is longer than 15'
  • reset everything multiple times including new router
  • reset the router to default and started over from scratch
  • recreated wireless network, 5 times now
  • If it can be done I've probably already done it 3 or more times, but willing to hear suggestions please!





Are you certain your 5GHz wifi is set for 802.11a/n/ac and up to 20/40/80MHz bandwidth... and that your devices are capable of using it? Similarly, your 2.4GHz should be set for 802.11b/g/n and 20/40MHz bandwidth.


You can check the wifi info here: (you may have to enter your admin password first)

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First, what are you using to test your speed with your Ethernet cable connected PC?  


Secondly, what are the other devices that you are connecting via Ethernet cable to the HughesNet modem, and what are you using to test your speed with those devices?  


These questions are only concerning the Ethernet cable connections, not WiFi.  For the WiFi connections, please refer to Mark's post.

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