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5 Year issue with Hughes Net


Re: 5 Year issue with Hughes Net

Thanks Corrosive. We will use both tests over the next few days at different times and see how it goes. We only hope the problem gets caught with the tests. It does get frustrating. We can go days without an issue then it starts in and then we will go days with no service or spotty service. Everything seems fine when it's working, with exception of freezing and the net dropping. But then we completely lose service for days on end. Then it's back to fine for awhile, then down.


Re: 5 Year issue with Hughes Net

Aedan...I ran our 3rd set of Hughes Speed Tests this morning. We also ran 2 sets of speed tests on TestMy. Here's the link to the results for that.   Now for a possible monkey wrench to the situation. The first 2 sets of tests ran on Hughes Net (the Speed Test tab at the top of the page), were ran during days that were clear and sunny. TODAY'S tests that were ran the weather is steady rain, not heavy, and cloudy and we got the best speeds we've had so far. ?????? Go figure.

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Re: 5 Year issue with Hughes Net



> we have had a major issue with slow connections <

> interrupted service <

> internet going down for periods of up to a week <


 I certainly would continue to run speed tests and post links to the results but your listed issues seem to point to something beyond speed related problems.


In the past, prior to the Gen5 HT2000w modem, were you connected directly to the modem or through a router?


Currently with your Gen5 system, are you using the wireless capabilities of the HT2000w or are you using your own Router?


If using the wireless portion of the HT2000w are you using the 2.4 or 5.0 Ghz frequencies?


When you have connectivity issues have you opened the Modems internal SCC (System Control Center) at to see if there are any active error state codes?

Can you post a screenshot of your systems SCC advanced pages State Code Monitor? (with your SAN edited out):


State Code Monitor.PNG




Re: 5 Year issue with Hughes Net

That's a lot of questions LOL. Let me try to address each one.

1. While using Gen 3 and 4 we were hooked up both and with a router for Wi-Fi.

2. We have not hooked up the router since getting Gen 5. We are hooked direct.

3. Good question and have no idea nor how to check.

4. No, have never done that and had no idea we could. Do we just go to the URL to check it ?

Thanks for your reply and question. We appreciate this and hope we can get somewhere with this since we've been fighting it for 5 years now no matter which of the Gen's we've had or how we've been hooked up.


Re: 5 Year issue with Hughes Net

GWalk...We went to the URL that you posted to see if we could figure out what you were telling us to try. Here's what the page looks like when we go to it. We can't see where to get into the Advanced Settings. We tried all the allowable links on the page. Please help.


ESN: 12123597
Diagnostic Code: 0000-0000-0000-0005
HT2000W System Control Center
Your built-in diagnostic system for viewing performance statistics, getting help and configuring settings.

Bonus Bytes

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Re: 5 Year issue with Hughes Net

When you open the SCC main page, near the top, at the right is a small box with an "i" in it.

Clicking the "i" will lead you to the beginning  of the advanced pages.

There is a menu on the left, look at the highlighted area in my screenshot.

Click "General" to expand the menu further,  click "State Code Monitor".

That will display a history of the codes that the modem has recorded.

If using a Windows OS from Win Vista and up, using the built-in  "Snipping  Tool" to take a screenshot.

Post that here, remember to edit or crop out your SAN.


Re: 5 Year issue with Hughes Net



Advanced Menu
2014428 (0x1ebcdc)
Diagnostic Code
Current State Code
Last Error State Code
Time since Recovery(d.h:m:s)
System State Code Monitor
State Code Transitions Total Duration(s) Start Time End Time Terminal Downtime
11.2.1 2235008/04/2017 20:17:0408/04/2017 20:17:340.2197%
11.2.2 493008/05/2017 20:56:0408/05/2017 21:02:190.0869%
11.2.5 337008/04/2017 20:18:4908/04/2017 20:21:340.0346%
11.3.1 711808/05/2017 21:02:1908/05/2017 21:03:090.0110%
12.1.9 217108/04/2017 22:21:2908/04/2017 22:21:440.0160%
12.3.1 1708/02/2017 00:30:0808/02/2017 00:30:150.0007%
14.1.1 6864207508/06/2017 15:12:4108/06/2017 15:58:5060.0250%
20.1.1 148149208/06/2017 01:43:0908/06/2017 01:43:240.1395%
20.2.1 57608/04/2017 20:21:4408/04/2017 20:21:500.0071%
21.1.4 11008/04/2017 20:21:5008/04/2017 20:22:000.0009%
21.1.5 11608/04/2017 22:12:5408/04/2017 22:13:100.0015%
23.1.1 21508/04/2017 20:22:0008/04/2017 20:22:080.0014%
30.3.4 5161907/30/2017 15:15:0307/30/2017 15:25:020.1514%


Percent Time Spent in State (Since Startup)'s the page. Not being very computer literate, I tried using the Snipping tool but could not figure out how to get it added on here. So, I copied and pasted the page and edited out the SAN. Thanks for the help. The "i" on the main page on our computer was light, we didn't see it. Thanks for the help so far, hope we can get somewhere with this.
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Re: 5 Year issue with Hughes Net

I'm at work at the moment so I don't have a code list available  just now.

Let's tag @C0RR0SIVE and @Liz to look over the list of errors.

You have a number of long duration conditions.

Please don't power off your modem so the list stays available  for review.


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Re: 5 Year issue with Hughes Net



I noticed on your speed tests that you were using the 25MB test for upload speeds, as well.  When performing the upload speed tests, you should use the manual 4MB test size, not the 25MB test size.  The 25MB test size is for the download tests.  


So, if you do continue to run tests at, make sure to use the 25MB size for download tests, and the 4MB size for upload tests.  Also, and if this was already mentioned I apologize for mentioning it again, but you should try to space the tests out and run them at a few different times of the day, if you are able.  Basically, run a block of at least three tests, each test spaced a few minutes apart, and do that a few times a day, again, if you are able (they know people work and can't always do this).

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Re: 5 Year issue with Hughes Net


Hello bounceback2p,

Thank you so much for posting your testmy speed tests. Based on the results from this link (, your speeds look really good. I understand that you are experiencing intermittent connectivity and at times no service at all, so if you could regularly monitor your service and do the testmy speed tests when you have slow speeds, it would be extremely helpful. I have issued you tokens bandwidth to assist with this.


I also pulled up your account to troubleshoot. However, your system is showing state code 14.1.1. Please verify that the LAN cable on one end is connected to the LAN port on the back of the modem and the other end to your computer. It is also possible that you might have a faulty LAN cable, which can cause service disruptions and slow speeds. If you could try a different LAN cable and let me know if you're still experiencing intermittent connectivity, it would also be helpful. Thank you and your patience and understanding are much appreciated!