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5Ghz not in range error msg

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5Ghz not in range error msg

Trying to connect my Kindle Fire to the 5GHz network and I keep getting a not in range error msg. How is this possible when I am only two feet away from the HT2000W Router-modem?

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Re: 5Ghz not in range error msg

Recently, @GabeU replied to another user with something that might help you, if your 5Ghz wifi was somehow turned off:


Is it possible that the 5Ghz WiFi was somehow turned off in the modem?  To make sure it's on, go here, then click on WiFi Settings on the left.  Use admin as the password, then check to make sure that the SSID Enable and SSID Broadcast boxes are checked for the 5Ghz radio.  Also, click on Advanced Setup on the left, then Wireless, and make sure that the 5Ghz Frequency Band box is checked. 

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Re: 5Ghz not in range error msg



Do you have any other devices with which to connect to the 5Ghz band to see if it could be a problem with the device's 5Ghz WiFi connection?  

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