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A Look At Data Usage

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Re: A Look At Data Usage

You had to wait for 30 seconds for buffering?  How outrageous!  Someone call the president!  LOL.  So, even with a speed of 1.7Mbps it still works on LD.  Pretty cool.   

I had Penny Dreadful recorded on my DVR.  I was deleting old stuff one day and accidentally deleted the entire season.  Ugh!

I think people often have a fit about not getting FIOS speed when there is really no reason it's needed, for the most part.  Complaining when there is no reason to.  It's sometimes a bit comical.  I don't need 80Mbps for Facebook, nor for Netflix. 

Your post is a great example of what can actually be accomplished with what some would consider unacceptable speed.  It didn't cause a problem.      

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Re: A Look At Data Usage


What's a good site to download Networx from?  I don't want to download it from the wrong place and end up regretting it. 

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Re: A Look At Data Usage

Back to this now, worst of the peak time slowdown is over:

My point is I can watch Netflix and YouTube even during extreme slowdowns during peak time. Always have been able to. I honestly don't know what problem some people are having except trying to watch in HD. Amazon Prime is not satellite friendly as no way to change the definition. They push whatever they want, mostly HD.

Good night.

Re: A Look At Data Usage

Don't worry it will get traction. I'll be using it as reference from now one lol. 
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Re: A Look At Data Usage

I've been reading some of these posts to help me understand why my GBs decided to run out quickly this month, and if I just need to upgrade or if I can fix the situtation (signed up with Hughesnet in late March of this year).  I've gained a lot of knowledge from your posts, but some of your condescending remarks are just unjustified.  Not everyone is a techie or even has a simple comprehension of networking.

If a surgeon asked someone that didn't have their doctorate to cut someone's appendix out, do you think they would fair well or even know where to start?  Even if you gave them step-by-step instructions, don't you think they may be too intimidated to start?  

Companies have tech support for a reason, because the clients don't understand it and are willing to pay for it instead of learning it.  They have other things they are trying to accomplish in their lives.  They just want what they paid for when they originally signed up for satellite service.  

Put yourselves in their shoes before you become so judgemental.  Helping people and criticizing people are two different things.  Constructive criticism and be-litting have two very different outcomes.  You can either help edify that person or tear them down.  

You two have great minds and know what you're talking about.  Some people don't even know what a GB is or how it comes into play.  If you were to ask my Mom to troubleshoot something, she would just say, "You do it for me.  I don't even know where to start."  

That's terrible customer service for the tech to say, "Okay, it's your choice to leave.  I can't make you stay."  (saw that on another thread) Yeah sure, that really made the customer feel valued.  Come on, take these people's perspectives into consideration.  They're frustrated.  They're feeling taken advantage of and yeah, maybe it's not Hughesnet fault, but they certainly aren't helping with the attitude of "I don't care. Take it or leave it.  You should do ALL these steps before you get what you pay for."  

Lighten up a little.  These CUSTOMERS are already frustrated and you're lighting that fuse for them.  Treat them as you would want to be treated.
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Re: A Look At Data Usage

May I ask who's remarks you find "condescending" ?

Could you please post and example ?

Do you realize that all posters on this board including myself are fellow customers such as yourself ... other than the ones with "Official Rep" behind their usernames ?

The subject of data loss covers a lot of ground.

The "real deal" is that Hughes is an ISP. They supply Internet service as far as the Modems LAN port.

They do measure usage levels. They do NOT look into or at your activity. There are privacy concerns ... unless there is a court order or evidence of illegal activity your ISP should not be keeping track of where or what you do on the net.

At the same time they are your ISP, not your personal IT department.

If a user chooses to share their internet connection by creating a network then that user needs to understand how to setup, secure, maintain and monitor that network.

The above is beyond the scope of ISP services.

Hughes will assist in determining if the Hughes equipment is at the root of the problem. This includes doing remote diagnostics to see if a piece of equipment is failing or a poor aim is causing re-transmission errors.

Another possibility is the Modem getting stuck in a firmware upgrade/fallback loop.

That is quickly determined by the user doing a modem isolation test:


Those two items, the remote diagnostics and the modem isolation test will indicated of the problem is rooted on the Hughes end.

If not we have to conclude the loss is occurring due to something on the users network.

It the becomes a matter of a "Who Done It".

If the Hughes tests indicate a non Hughes related problem the user then needs to look closely at their system.

While no longer a Hughes problem at that point, there are users here in the Community that will try to provide assistance.

Any perceived "condencention" is likely the result of typing long detailed posts over and over and have the majority of users do an "end around" on you by refusing to follow a series of steps, in order, designed to Divide & Conquer and ultimately discover the source of the "leak".

I would strongly suggest that you start a new topic of your own so that the Mods can devote attention to your issue and if warranted and you are willing dig deeper from there.


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Re: A Look At Data Usage

I have a question for you with regards to the scree shot of your HughesNet status meter that you displayed. 

On my own HughesNet  Status Meter (version 6.5.0) that I have, I don't have a 'usage history' icon. Am I supposed to?
Here is what mine looks like...

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Re: A Look At Data Usage

I meant to add that I have, on my HughesNet Dashboard, a 'internet usage' tab. If I click on that it looks like the graph is loading (little circular doodad thingy appears) but the page never loads and no usage graphs appear. I've tried clicking on all of the views, (day, week, month) but none of them seem to want to load.

Is there a way to get a usage tab on my desktop meter...and if not, how do I get the one on my Dashboard working correctly.
Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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Re: A Look At Data Usage

This was VERY informative--- and, answered my question about 12 hours too late. I went directly to Glasswire, told them specifically what my problem was, gave them my specific machines/devices. They explained to me--- that Glasswire, only measures what it is downloaded on. There are NO current applications for apple wifi devices. So-- Glasswire is saying, "we will not solve your problem". SO-- Why does everyone in this community keep telling me to download it.. I was scratching my head...

GWALK--- Your post completely explains how Glasswire is used.. this is what I needed. Glasswire DOES NOT give you the answer "straight up", you have to use deduction and reasoning and have a great deal of computer knowledge to get it to work to find your answers. In the future, if possible, Please do not tell the "person on the street" to download this program, without ALSO explaining that it takes a lot of deduction, and reasoning to make it work for you specifically. This is probably easy for you, it is not easy for me. It is not easy for many many people.

I must agree with "amantim", I am not sure this particular post was "condescending", (I didn't see anything) but, many posts are, or.. many posts are above so many peoples heads, that they think they are condescending. I know this is not your purpose at all. But, please try to understand, as "amantim" explained so clearly. Some people work at jobs, have children, sick or elderly relatives, etc. Many people do not have the time to devote to learn about this. We do not know each persons abilities, strengths and weaknesses. However, everyday, people are bombarded with TV advertisements telling them how great HughesNet is, the advertisement doiesnt say, You need to understand how this works to use it! I know it is hard to understand, but try and think of it this way.

""I am a retired special education teacher, I teach children and test children using instruments such as the Brigance Measurment of intelligence, there I am looking to see if they score two standard deviations below the median score of their peers. From there, I administer the vineland adaptive behavior scale to the child's parents to determine if the child will score within the normal range of his peers, I determine that score, by asking specific questions related from child's daily living skills, communication skills, verbal skills, writing skills. I then take the measurement from each test score, and using a formula (in my head, that is memorized) again determine their score and then measure it against their peers to see if it too, falls 2 standard deviations below.""

NOW--- UNLESS you are a special education teacher--- You have no idea what I am talking about. It is the SAME way for people on the street. This (Internet satellite service) is not their expertise. And frankly, when people are confronted with someone or something saying, "This is this" it is actually scary and there are still a lot of people who fear computers! 

Bottom line-- try and empathize with people, or, try and put yourselves in their shoes. There ARE and will always be people who are intimidated by something they do not understand. For me, personally--- I have to tell you-- I can "talk the talk"...but, I will be perfectly honest. What I mostly know about data and usage and loss, I have ONLY learned in this community in 4 short weeks. I am still very confused by what you guys talk about, it is extremely over my head, I will read, and re read over and over again a direction... to be honest again-- I believe it was you-- who sent me a post about taking devices off, and you sent a beautiful diagram... do you know...I have PRINTED that POST-- I have STUDIED that post-- and, honestly- I do not know where to start, Honestly, all of those photos I am "supposed" to post to the community--- I am totally LOST HERE... Seriously-- I am the type of person who will obsess over something until I know it.  Do you know, I am spending HOURS on this-- DAYS, until, I truly believe, I literally MADE MYSELF SICK with stress over how I was going to follow THAT diagram! AND-- I literally was sent to the hospital twice! So... Laugh all you want, criticize and joke about it if you want. This is MY REALITY. Tonight- I will go to bed, literally with that darn diagram.. and fall asleep with it by the bed.. and I will try and tackle it AGAIN tomorrow.   The reason I was not active in here today--- MY HUSBAND WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TOO... because it is upsetting me too much.   Do not get me started on the GUILT I feel, because you spent so much time on the diagrams and directions!!!

In all honesty, Amanda has found a way for me to leave this all behind.. and I am jumping at it, I do not care if I never have internet again.. seriously... I am so burned by this whole experience.. that I am seriously ready to toss the ipad and the phone and go back to a dial up.

Please know, this post does NOT apply to those customers who FLY in and cuss all about Hughes net and then don't answer any follow up questions.. those people are not even trying.. flying in and cussing about a company, gets nothing accomplished. know, there are people on this board who try and try to do the things asked and it is Just too much.. I am one of them.

Have a nice night. Thank you very much for your help, your diagrams, your directions. I have learned a lot. 

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Re: A Look At Data Usage


Have you tried reinstalling the Status Meter?  I wonder, also, if this is another version 6.5 glitch.  Here's a link to download the old version 6.2 Meter.  It's the one I still use.

Also, have you tried a different browser with the Dashboard? 

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