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A straightforward solution would be amazing

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A straightforward solution would be amazing

I've been following along with verious threads because many are the same issue I have. They (HN and those die hard loyalists) tell me it's on MY end. I have ONE computer (a Mac) plugged directly to the modem because otherwise it doesn't work. I turn off all other devices (of which we only have two phones, a laptop and a dvd player that can connect) when I am on the Mac. I am at the highest possible plan NOW and so far I've not run out. I teach classes online, two days a week. Every session I can't see/hear the kids clearly. I'm surprised their parents keep them in the class. 

BUT I cannot stream videos on my mac or on the DVD player. We've tried Netflix, Amazon, YouTube. We make sure that whatever we are using for video is the ONLY thing connected and running and it just spins and spins and spins. We turn off the phones' wifi and whichever other device isn't being used. Sometimes it tells me I don't have enough bandwidth. I've tried turning off the data saver; does nothing. 

And nights are the worse for speeds of anything. 
For the most part I use my cell phone for internet as it uses less data. But still it won't stream videos.

My dish is roughly 20-30 feet from where I sit; I see it right outside the window here. There is a nice clear line of sight on all sides of the dish; no trees, no other houses, no hills, no mountains. The modem is next to the window, in line with the dish. I have adblockers on my browsers; I run cleaners and diagnostics on my computer to be sure it's 'clean'. 

So, a nice easy, straightforward solution would be lovely. I don't want the usual run around- run diagnostics for this for that, try it for x-amount of time then try it again. The issue is not on my end.