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AT&T to Test Broadband Over Power Lines

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Re: AT&T to Test Broadband Over Power Lines

Fascinating conversation! I do my research in Eastern Africa and we've been saying for years how great cellphone technology is because economically emerging countries like Zambia, as well as countries like China have been able to "skip over" the giant infrastructure of telephone lines and just build cell towers. We've been waiting for solar power to get good enough and cheap enough to bypass running electrical lines all over the earth too. This makes me wonder if there will continue to be new uses for these lines.

Funny, I got better internet signal on my iPad and better cellphone service miles out in the African bush last year than I get out in farm country here on the west coast of the U.S.! Of course, there was no electricity out there, so I had to charge everything up in my car or drive a really long ways to a charging station. Here at home I have electricity (and indoor plumbing!!) but no cellphone reception and no cable internet.

Just one request--more of a prayer, really. Please, oh please, oh please don't let AT&T get another monopoly on something! I remember when I had to pay "long distance " to call my best friend three blocks away because she was in a different town. ;-)
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Re: AT&T to Test Broadband Over Power Lines

Cell towers love, love flat earth with few trees. I'm guessing the part of Africa you were at was like that. Can reach out 30+ miles from one tower.

And who knows if this internet over power lines will ever come to fruition. A bit like the low earth orbit satellite internet constellations being talked about.

Big companies are involved in both but something that "might" be here 20 years from now is not improving my life anytime soon. Heck, I could be dead by then. Actually, insurance actuaries bet I will be.   : )
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Re: AT&T to Test Broadband Over Power Lines

He also said that a problem with the technology is that it doesn't like sharp bends very much, and the signal can just fly right off at the bend and keep on going into nowhere.

I don't know why, but that got me rolling.  Maybe I'm  just in a good mood.  LOL. 

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Re: AT&T to Test Broadband Over Power Lines

Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny, too, when he told me about it. Sort of like cars careening around a corner too fast and flying off into the field.
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Re: AT&T to Test Broadband Over Power Lines

You and me both, my friend. :-)

YES, where I was in Zambia, very flat, not a lot of trees. What they call "mountains" wouldn't even qualify as foothills where I live, haha!

I live in Washington state. Tall pine trees everywhere. The Cascade mountain range. I have about 10 trees in my front yard. My neighbor has 27 all over her yard. We have lots that are 100x 60' or so. The second house down from me has so many trees that Dish Network couldn't establish a connection, so she can't have TV.

Getting a permit to cut down any pine trees here is nigh unto impossible. I'm lucky in that both my and my neighbor on the other side have relatively few trees and they're all located at the very front of our lots, between our driveways and the road. I have a basically unobstructed southern exposure, so my HughesNet and Dish satellite services work very well.