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Acceptable FAP download speed?

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Acceptable FAP download speed?

Is 0.31Mbps an acceptable download speed while in FAP mode?   I don't think so. 1.00Mbps would be acceptable and until this month is what I was getting. 

Customer since 2017. Looking at other options now. 

Distinguished Professor IV

Speeds and performance are not guaranteed, as per the subscriber agreement, and this goes for FAP too.  


It isn’t acceptable and it’s not how it used to be. Better 2017 and 2021 I had between 200 and 500 kilobytes per second during FAP. Since December 2021 I’m lucky if I get 20-40 kilobytes during normal usuage hours, but as soon as “bonus” time starts speeds shoot up to 200-500 kilobytes, and as soon as bonus time ends it immediately drops to 20-40 again. Hugesnet keeps saying it’s due to network congestion which is not true, otherwise it would also be bad during bonus time, not IMMEDIATELY increase the millisecond bonus time starts and goes slow IMMEDIATELY the millisecond bonus time ends. Something is screwy. 

Distinguished Professor IV

There's less network congestion during bonus time, so speeds tend to be faster.  

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