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Account throttling

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Account throttling

New Maine Law goes into effect in Sept 2019. Any supplier of internet can no longer throttle any accounts.

what is your plan on this subject Hughes net?

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The law is not about throttling subscribers who run out of data; it’s about net neutrality.  So if you run out of data, you’ll continue to be slowed down. 

Distinguished Professor IV

"The law defines “net neutral service” as providing internet service without blocking lawful content or favoring some websites to benefit others. Maine would also require such providers to agree they won’t inappropriately “throttle,” or slow down, internet traffic based on content."


The throttling that occurs when one exhausts the data in their plan won't be affected. 


The only thing it may affect is the Video Data Saver, of which HughesNet may end up having to disable it for Maine customers.  Unfortunately, this may actually have a negative affect, as your data may be used up that much more quickly.  While some streaming sources allow customers to adjust the resolution to their liking, both for their viewing and data usage preferences, others don't, and they're instead automatically adjusted to the available speed of the internet used.  For those latter instances, the VDS no longer throttling the speed while streaming may mean that the streaming source will try to send it in the highest resolution possible, which means more data used.  And that's unfortunate, as the Video Data Saver can be turned off, or paused, at will by the customer.  If they have to disable that ability for Maine customers due to this law, I only see it as a negative, as the choice of resolution, and data usage amount, will be gone.    


Then again, it may not affect the VDS, as it's a user selectable option.  They may just have to change it for Maine customers to being OFF by default instead of ON.  Or, again, because it's a user selectable option, they may not have to do anything.  


If they do have to disable the VDS altogether, it will be an interesting example of how a well intentioned law can actually have a negative affect in specific cases.

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