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Almost 13 gigs lost in six hours?

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Almost 13 gigs lost in six hours?

Hello all,

Newish Hughes net user since the beginning of May. I constantly monitor my data usage as I m a little OCD about it. All my devices are set to manual updates only and are usually disconnected from the router while not in use.

Yesterday at about noon I checked my data and it showed 15.3gb remaining. I watched one episode on Netflix (set to low quality) and played an hour of a non online Xbox game. I left for work at 2pm. Came home at 11pm and watched one episode. I wake up his morning to my meter showing only 2.4gb remaining?! My meter shows heavy download usage (up to 3.9 gigs) during the time of 12pm all the way to 6pm, peaking at 3pm. Is the tool accurate or just a generic bell curve regardless? It should be noted that the line graph shows the one evening episode at under .3gb.

The ONLY devices connected to the router during this time was my xbox one and an iPad. The iPad shows no download history or updates since last week and the Xbox one didn't do any system updates since the middle of April. The Xbox was also turned off during this time.

I've spent the last few hours digging through both the Xbox and iPad with no luck. Is there something I might be missing or is it even not on my end? 13 gigs is a lot of data to just seemingly disappear.

My neighbors also just got Excede with 150gb limit for $10.00 less month than I pay. If this keeps happening I'll just have to eat the cancellation fee.
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I've seen it.  I've actually seen quite a few of the "community" websites run by Get Satisfaction.  IMDB has one and I had, a long time ago, signed up through them.  I had forgotten about it, which created a conflict with my email notifications when I came on here.  It was finally worked out, but it was funny that I had completely forgotten about signing up to it for IMDB to ask ONE question years before.  Not IMDB itself, like I was referring to with the messaging thing, but the IMDB Get Satisfaction site. 

There are actually a slew of them, and GS even has one for themselves.  I perused it the other day and couldn't figure out what in the heck they were talking about.  Technical stuff with GS, it seems. 

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Hello k.a.christensen,

Thanks for running the test. Since there was no usage it seems their was definitely an event within your network that spiked your usage. I did a bit of searching and found a Reddit post that you may find useful for your Xbox One.

This person also noticed how much data their Xbox was using without their knowledge. There are some good suggestions to sift through. Hope that helps. As for your Apple device. You can typically see what apps have used the most data etc. I would bet it is the Xbox though. Hope this helps.

Thank you,