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Amazon Access

I have been having problems loading Amazon. I have turned off Acceleration, deleted internet history and unplugged the router. This has worked for  few days and then the problems comes back. I should not have to do all this, I am paying good money for internet service. Amazon is the largest shopping site in the world and many of HughesNet's clients use this site daily. What is the problem and what are you "HughsNet" doing to correct this? Is there a simple permanene fix we can do to correct this? You are not the only company that provides this service, we the customer can always go somewhere else.

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Just to clarify, are you having problems loading the site, or loading videos there?

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You should try  flushing your computer's DNS records.  


You can also try changing your DNS to Google's, which has helped people with this issue.  



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JP1965 -Your Amazon access is critical and we thought we had the problem fixed.  Please try the suggestion from your fellow poster to clear and reset your cache.  You shouldn't have to continue doing that afterwards.  If you do, please come back and let us know.  Engineering is ready to go back in if the problem persists. We'll stay with you until this gets fixed. 

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Hi JP1965


As Katie mentioned, we did implement a fix for Amazon not loading correctly  recently, so if you are still having trouble then this is a concern. If the solutions above do not fix the problem, please provide a little more detail as to what exactly is happening when you try to access Amazon. 


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