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An alternative developing

Have you encountered this from any of the reps or quasi-professional groupies at this site?

"So we can confirm that there is no gaming system in the house, streaming devices, cellphones, or Smart TVs, etc. No one is listening to music, there are no clouds, birds, swarms of insects or planes in the sky? Anything besides a web browser and email program being used that you can think of?” 

Does it induce you to ask yourself, "what am I paying for"? You have limited, marginal internet service, provided you use only the bare essentials or utilize the subscription at bizarre times of the day! Our electronic communication devices may have fantastic capabilities but they cannot be utilized with HughesNet without penalty or excessive data use! HughesNet is charging a major premium for very meager service and even then, we must invest obscene amounts of time wading through the comedic technical support Twilight Zone!   

Take heart, there are better, more cost effective alternatives being developed. If you have access to a new Florida based company called, Wi-Power, soon to be nationwide, give them a hard look. They are just now establishing service for first responders, law enforcement and military in the Rockies but based upon what we’re hearing from a number of existing subscribed law enforcement agencies in extremely rural areas, their service is far superior, much less costly and not nearly as restrictive or problematic as HughesNet or Excede! 

We are told service to our immediate area is probably 3 to 5 months out but the savings and lack of technical issues is reportedly profoundly better than with either of the existing satellite providers.

For so many of us, jaded with the interminable excuses and pathetic performance of Hughes and others, this “may" well be a good alternative. I am not selling nor promoting Wi-Power, simply sharing the availability of an alternative ISP with other dissatisfied HughesNet customers. It could be well worth your time to look into availability in your area. 

Best of luck!