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Another Connectivity Problem

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Another Connectivity Problem

I upgraded to Gen5 last week. New and improved they said. Well it might be new but not improved.

If I'm away from my desk top for an  hour or so and I come back and open a new tab I get a message that tells me the internet is not connected. I click the WI-FI icon at the top of the screen it tells me I'm connected. But I'm not. I have to restart the computer. Why?

Also, after I restart and I open a page I wait on average 26 seconds for the page to open. Why?

Also, if I'm watching a video it will stop streaming right in the middle and becomes intermittent after that. Why?

I tested the speed options and one is in the green zone and the other said something like .9 seconds. 

Any help will be greatly apprecited.  


thanks. kenyon


ps... it took 6 seconds for that message to load.


Assistant Professor

Hello kenyon, the first thing to try would be plug one computer directly into the modem by cable and see if any better. That would detrmine if it is for sure just a wireless problem.

Hello Kenyon,


I see that you're new here, so welcome to the community and thank you for posting. I pulled up your account to double check your system and the diagnostics show that your internet speed and connectivity is good. Please complete our speed tests(instructions below), so that we can further evaluate your experience. 


When you complete the speed test, ensure that you are directly connected to the HughesNet modem with a LAN cable (NO third party Router or Wireless devices should be used). Also, since you are a Gen5 customer, the minimum download file size is 25 Mbps, and the minimum upload file size is 3 Mbps. Please complete at least three tests, each spaced five minutes apart. Thanks.


Instructions for Speed Test:





hi aiden (and the super qualified guy who replied before you)


I have a mac mini. I work down in the basement of my house. The cable from the dish goes into the 2nd floor of the house (I have stone walls here in the basement so access isn't possible) and is attached to an imac desktop. I went upstairs to look at the response times on that desktop and realized I was still on a dated OS. I updated everything and the response times seem better. Now I'm back in the basement. I completed the 3 speed tests you asked of me. The 1st download time was like 11 seconds. The 2nd one was around 7 seconds and the 3rd was 5.6 seconds. I downloaded a  you tube video and it went OK. No buffering.  


It seems better but I will keep tabs on everything and let you know how it's going. I guess what I'm most disappointed about is that the installer should have tested everything out before he left. He did test to see that I was connected and on-line but that was it. No speed tests.


So, anyway, thanks and I'll keep you posted....kenyon