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Are you FAP'd when using data tokens?

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Are you FAP'd when using data tokens?

Just curious - it's Friday and since around 8AM CST my speeds have been terrible and they are usually fast - I still have 10GB in data tokens remaining. Is there an outage or something causing the slowdown guys and gals?Screenshot 2018-01-22 20.43.35.png


It's pretty hard to keep up with your ongoing problems but I wonder if you've ever looked at your Hughes hourly usage chart to identify when and how you're burning off so much data allowance?


Like, does it show you have large amounts of upload or download going on during certain hours or all hours? Do you have huge amounts of upload showing over the days of extreme data loss? I wonder if one of your computers may be doing something really goofy like trying to upload/backup 500 GB to some cloud?


Another thing I wonder is if you've completely shut down or disconnected everything from the internet for a while and then had a look at the hourly chart? It should read zeroes for the duration but I remember a time when Hughes initiated a test on my system and forgot to turn it off. Stranger things have happened.

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You'll find the chart entry point here:


And the chart will look like this.

hourly chart.JPG

@GW - thank you so much for your response - I did indeed go to the chart you listed and found what I believe to be a dadgum Office 365 update as well as an iCloud issue (which I cannot regulate other than disabling it - I travel quite a bit and use the iCloud to access data and information from iphone, MacBook Pro and my iMac - including contacts and documents). Realizing this now I should never have signed up for HN - with our old rural provider running at about 5MPBS consistently and some traffic at night, all devices and applications were always connected and I never had to spend days/hours chasing things, disconnecting literally everything I could to keep from exceding any limits, there were none.


That being said, I will try disconnecting the system tonight, but since I'm FAP'd it's just going to show 00's correct?


Thank you again for your kind assistance.

Leave your modem on and working. Just unplug all your LAN cables and turn off all the wifi connected devices. Check the hourlies in the morning. If you see anything but zeroes or slight bits of keep alive communication between the modem and network, something is going on with the network or a neighbor.


I think I told you before, there may also be a website you stay connected to that's sucking data. Like the DHL international tracking page can suck down gigabytes a day. I used to stay connected to it when I had incoming freight until I noticed I was losing huge amounts of data and isolated it to DHL. One of the guys here connected to it with some wizardware when I reported this garbage to the forum and this showed the DHL page was refreshing every image constantly and forever. That was almost 3 years ago so I'm pretty sure that discussion won't be in the archives here since it was on the old Get Satisfaction Hughes

Thank you @GW for assisting me - I believe by looking at these charts before I was FAP'd maybe we can determine that there's nothing hung up on the system, just a data drain as you can see, I have gone back to glasswire to see exactly what it was but can't actually determine that looking at it hour by hour - I will do further digging. THAT BEING SAID, from 4PM CST through the evening being FAP'd is no different speed than those UN-FAP'd - and I haven't heard from @Liz's engineer that she was going to set up nearly 3 weeks ago. You, the volunteers get a lot of credit, you obviosly beleive in the product and the company or you wouldn't spend your time trying to help. Thanks for helping when you can!

Screenshot 2018-02-21 15.41.24.pngScreenshot 2018-02-21 15.42.00.pngScreenshot 2018-02-21 15.43.54.png



And @GW, @GabeU, @Liz, here's a screenshot of my wildy varying speeds since installation without any resolution.

Screenshot 2018-02-22 09.16.17.png

Too much primetime traffic on your beam. It looks like what I suffered with for a very long time with G4. There was no fix, just constant frustration. HughesNet service can become a part-time job. Way too much busywork.


Hopefully you still have other options. If they can't provide you with respectable service, I imagine they will relieve you of your contract responsibilities.



@happytexann wrote:

And @GW, @GabeU, @Liz, here's a screenshot of my wildy varying speeds since installation without any resolution.

Screenshot 2018-02-22 09.16.17.png

WOW - @GW YOU NAILED IT! There is no more APT description, this has become a near full time job trying to track down all the challenges, data drain (which had it been explained you couldn't connect to anything or you'd use of the data!) and performance issues has taken up 2 months of my time. I've only heard from @Liz, a couple of times and haven't heard from the engineer she has on my case. I suspect they KNOW it's toom uch traffic on the beam during primetime. Wonder what will happen if I call and asked to be released from the contract?

Hi happytexann,


Thanks for providing updates. I've addressed your other recent thread. Please check your private messages.



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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THANKS to all of you for helping, however our problems were not able to be resolved and we have successfully terminated our service the end of this month. I appreciate all of your help concerning our system - it just didn't work out.





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That's too bad, but it's good that some sort of resolution was able to be worked out.  


I hope your new ISP works well for you.  🙂 


That whole FAP while using tokens thing is still gonna drive me nuts. 😛      



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Identify what's going on in those hours with huge download activity and especially those hours accompanied by correspondingly huge upload activity and you'll find your answers.


You do know upload also eats your allowance, right?

I have been THROTTLED for most of the day - I purchased 5GB of data tokens on 2/18 and 5GB data tokens today - there is NO WAY IN heck that I blew through 5GB data (again, NOTHING IS CONNECTED to WiFi except the main cable plugged into the back of my desktop and my husband's desktop - while I was THROTTLED, I mysteriously ran out of 5.2 data tokens while on this community support thread. I purchased 5GB more data and am un-throttled. What is going on - ???? It's too bad that you can't right click on the images and see the time stamps - they have all been since about 11AM this morning - @Liz - what about a data token top off - something is definitely wrong here. I am tired of chasing problems every single day. I appreciate ALL of you and the help you have supplied, but there's something way haywire in Denmark with my data usage and the system in general, IMO.

Screenshot 2018-02-19 14.21.48.pngScreenshot 2018-02-19 14.22.55.pngScreenshot 2018-02-19 14.58.00.pngScreenshot 2018-02-19 15.40.03.pngScreenshot 2018-02-19 15.41.10.pngScreenshot 2018-02-19 15.42.57.png

Here is the timestamp associated with each of the photos I posted so you can see when they were taken:

Screenshot 2018-02-19 15.52.58.png

And here's my data usage since I started the service on Jan. 3, 2018 -- since Feb. 3 - I have blown through 30GB data, plus 17GB in free tokens from HN (@Liz thank you) plus another 5GB token I purchased on 2/18 and starting on the next 5GB token I purchased today -- and EVERYTHING is disconnected from WiFi - we are using a Verizon data and a jetpack to stream music, not HN -- I will never ever be able to afford HN with this kind of data drain and nothing but the 2 home computers connected. WE DO NOT STREAM movies on either desktop - our social media is set to NOT auto load videos. I am at a loss as to how to contain the data usage...

Screenshot 2018-02-19 16.05.55.pngScreenshot 2018-02-19 16.06.25.png


Talking to customer service is NOT working - I would like to be released from my contract on March 2, 2018. I do not want to pay any cancellation fee as I haven't had the service 60 days and have had continuous, documented problems with performance and data management with absolutely no resolution. Customer support says it's gonna cost me $$$$ to cancel. Please help.



Hi happytexann, 


We can certainly look into this for you. Please expect a private message shortly.



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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Hi, I am in your same boat.  I only had this service for less than 30 days.  I returned my equipment and when I called to make sure they recieved it, the nice lady Hannah said oh you have a credit on your account, then put me on hold for 20 minutes and then said Oh don't do anything with your card on file as we will process the refund.  The next day I logged onto my bank account to only find a $400 charge from HughesNet.  Very upset about this.  So watch your back maybe take off Auto pay and your credit card on file so they can't auto charge your account.  I am trying to find help with getting my $400 back.

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Or open a dispute with your credit card company.

That is a good idea.  Thanks.  I will contact them today.