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Asus Rt-AC68P - WAN IP/External IP question

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Asus Rt-AC68P - WAN IP/External IP question

Recently did a firmware upgrade to version 4118. After installation the error message "The Wan IP is not the External IP. External IP services will not work." now appears as an blinking ! on the upper right toolbar for the router. Searched in  Hughes and Asus communities for information regarding this message without success. Posted  a message to Asus tech help and received the following reply:

Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service.

I understand that you are receiving error message as "The WAN IP is not the external IP. External IP-based services will not work". 

I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I will be more than happy to help you. 

As per the information provided, I suspect that the issue seems to be with the firmware. 

Actually, this issue caused after the firmware update. This issue was already reported by many customers and finally we have researched and found that cause of this issue is due to the modem acting as a router. 

As you know, there are some modem which have even capability to work as a modem come router. I request you to access the modem and ensure whether the routing feature is turned off. This should fix the issue. Also, please reset the router and check by connecting the modem (after disabling routing feature )with a single router. 

By perfoming the above troubleshooting steps, we can isolate the issue.If issue persists, please get back to us and I am glad to help you further. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again for assistance.

I replied that with the Hughes Modem HT 1100 altering the configuration was not possible for the user. I believe that is a correct statement. If not someone please correct me.

Have not received a reply from Asus as of today ( posted my reply to Asus late Wednesday).

Did look at the Merlin site for firmware but found none for this router.

Router has worked well and appears to be working.

Can someone explain the Wan IP and External IP function in relationship to the Modem and Router.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hey Richard

Pretty odd that if Asus knows its a firmware issue they haven't mentioned patching it up. Can you rollback your firmware update? Hopefully Merlin works for you.



Apologize for late reply, been out on business.

Requested info below:



This was a Best Buy purchase.



Agree, in my original post is a reply from Asus requesting a change I can not do to the HT 1100. Replied to Asus with an explanation but I think it fell on"deaf ears". Three Asus techs have replied with information that does not resolve the problem or requesting changes to the HT 1100 that can not be accomplished.

Yes I can roll back or try Merlin if this issue continues.

Historically I have had better success with this forum resolving modem/router/connectivity issue. This stuff is intense but the forum members that take time to resolve issues are appreciated. 

Not to date myself but I used some of the early systems like DirecPC over the years that were one way. Tech help was extremely difficult back then as compared to now. 



Honorary Alumnus

Hi Richard,

Things look OK,

What is the USB2.0 device?

Where is the error being displayed ? Can you get a screengrab ?

New Poster

Huh thats strange mine came from Best Buy 2 or 3 years ago when they first came out and its a /R

The error message appears as the ! next to the green App button flashing yellow. Click on the ! and the message appears. If you click on the "change now" message it brings up the WAN screen.

The USB is a flash drive. The error message was prior to adding the USB drive. The Seagate drive was in place when the error message first appeared. The USB drive is replacing a failed Seagate 500GB backup drive until I figure out to buy another or do something different. Also using the flash drive to evaluate the USB applications offered by Asus.


The rest of the story is Amazon had this model for less money but I needed a router because of a failure. Printed Amazon add took it to BB to see if they would make good to price match. Nope the box that the two routers came in was different so it did not qualify. My last purchase from BB crooks. Clerk told me BB will change something just enough to no have to price match.
Honorary Alumnus

The wording of the error message is a little ... hard to put into context.

I wonder if the router is picking up on the fact as Hughes users, we have no "public IP".

There are a lot of features that simply are not going to work being behind a CGN.


Re-reading the first reply from Asus. Appears that they have identified the issue with the firmware as being the modem is acting as a router so they ask you to turn off the router feature. Not familiar with how a DSL or cable modem handles this - live to far in the sticks to have that type of service. I believe your theory maybe correct and Asus has not figured out how to manage the issue with the firmware.

Thanks for the tip on the USB features - more of a curiosity than a need.

Was successful with the old firmware doing backups with the Seagate drive. Most likely will do backups with external drives attached to each computer.

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