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For several months our broadband speeds have been brutally slow in the evening and night. Sporadically (maybe 15% of the time) the speed is OK. Most of the time we can hardly surf the web. For the purposes of testing, I power cycled the modem, power cycled a laptop, hooked the laptop directly up to the modem, cleared the cache of the browser, and ran speed tests. The 2 speed tests on were ... 1st - download: 0.30 (not a typo) upload: 0.04 2nd - download: 4.53 upload: 0.06.

I've seen other posts on here where they ask to post results from So, I created an account and ran a couple of speed tests. Are were below 1 Mbps. The results can be found here: .

Many times during the day the speed is reasonable. But never at night. And the upload speed is always, 100% of the time, horrible. Rarely gets above 1 Mbps.

I've called into support and have had to go through all the same tests as I did here, and they always say that tier 2 support will have to call back. If I'm lucky enough to actually get a call back (most of the time I don't), they call me while I'm at work. Not much I can do then. And I have to start all over.

If I use email support, they always send an email telling me to do the things I've already said I've done in the email, and that my service looks good from their side.

I'm not sure what else I can do. I'm open to help / suggestions.
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The Reps will most likely want some additional tests at different times of the day, if you can, and make sure that when you do run more than one test they are spaced at least five minutes apart.  Also, make sure to continue being directly connected when running the tests.  I'm glad you took the time to research what you needed to do.   

With that said, a speed that low at this time of night is quite unusual.  Speeds can definitely lower during the peak usage periods, which we are in now, but they don't normally get that low.

I hope your speed problems are rectified quickly, no pun intended.  LOL.  

The Official Reps are on M-F from approximately 8AM-5PM.  It's my opinion that they are better to deal with than the phone reps.    

Good luck.   

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Hello Dale,

Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. We appreciate you doing the speed tests correctly for us as it means we can escalate your case faster. As GabeU mentioned, we will need to see speed tests from different times of the day. Our engineers will definitely ask us for those tests to get a better idea of what the cause could be. In the meantime, we will begin opening a case for you.


Hi Amanda and Gabe,

I see many other posts similar to mine.  So, I'm not convinced you'll be able to assist me any more than any of the others.  Also, I've given up on calling in ... since I do the same tests for an hour and a half, then they say they''ll have someone call me back.  IF I'm lucky enough for someone to call back and leave a message, they give me a phone number and a special code to enter in when I call back.  The special code is always invalid, and I cannot talk with anyone ... and have to start over again.  I am really frustrated.

I have a hard time posting speed tests throughout the day because I work.  And, my family TRIES and WANTS to use the Internet when I'm home in the evening.  But lately they've just given up.

I will see if I can post speeds throughout the day this weekend.  According to my wife, speeds during the day are OK.  It's ONLY in the evening that it's SLOW.

I just did an upload and download speed test using  Download was 927 Kbps and upload was 1.2 Mbps.  No Hulu, Netflix, or anything else can possibly function with that bandwidth.

I will try to monitor this thread.  i'm not sure how to get this to notify my actual email so I know when you reply.

If you can resolve this so we can actually stream, I will be satisfied.  

If not, I cannot continue with this service, because I'm not getting what I'm paying for.

Dale Miller

For good measure I did another download and upload test using .  Download was 709 Kbps and upload was 1.2 Mbps.  FYI, I always do this after power cycling the modem, power cycling the laptop, clearing the cache and directly connecting the laptop to the modem via an ethernet patch cable.

Still struggling with brutally slow speeds!  Tested again tonight with direct wired connection from laptop to HT1100 modem.


download 570 Kbps (not a typo)

upload 1.2 Mbps.


Haven't been able to stream anything in the evenings for MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also, now the Internet connection is dropping completely about 4 times per week.  I have to power cycle the modem and the connection returns.


I am paying for the fastest package HughesNet has available to me, and I can't get 2 MB download in the evenings!

FYI, you can view the speed tests here:



No helpful replys.....Where is Amanda?  I started a string a while back and have gotten nothing either.  sounds like I have been through the same thing as you.  I have lost all hope that this company wants to help its customers.  it is just a long string of broken promises hoping to get another month of service out of you......which worked I guess since my billing cycle just went through 4 days ago and I am still on here trying to get a response from somebody.

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I'm having the same issues!  I have a record of speedtests that I ran alternately with the Hughes Speedtest and the Hughes mostly show a higher speed.  The two internet tests are usually close in result.  What is going on?  I never even use any streaming services.  I download audiobooks mostly and at night they time out because of internet speed.    

Yes, it appears that quite a few of us are having the same issue.  I sent in a support email four days ago.  I got an email reply that I would receive a phone call within 24 hours.  Nope.


I am sending support emails now because I don't want to waste 90 minutes rebooting the modem, rebooting the PC, clearing my cache, while they "run tests" and tell me they don't know what the problem is.  Then they say "engineering" or "level 2" will call me back within 24 hours.  IF they call, they call when I'm at work ... leave a message with a phone number to call back and a numeric code to get through.  However, the numeric code NEVER works.  And I'm back to square one.  So now I just email them.  Quicker and I get the same non-results.


Tonight the Internet service stopped completely again.  Its happening about every other night.  I rebooted the modem and though I'd take another set of blazingly fast (ha!) speed tests.  I got 1.1 Mbps download and 898 Kbps upload.


Results are here:

Does this Internet service actually work as sold for anyone?




Tonight I thought I'd do the speed test a little earlier in the evening ... about 6:45 PM local time.  To my surprise, my first download test resulted in 15.26 Mbps.  A little more than the speed I'm paying for.  Awesome!  I did an upload and got 1.16 Mbps.  OK.  I decided to come here and post the results.  While trying to log in to, the modem froze and I couldn't do anything online.  I rebooted the modem and reconnected.  i ran speed tests again.  Now I have 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload.  results here:


As always, these tests are done after rebooting the laptop, clearing it's cache, and directly wiring the laptop to the HughesNet modem.


Amanda, are you still monitoring?  I am actually home this week so I could test regularly.  I will be gone next week.  I would LOVE to use this service if you could actually get it working for us.





Tested again tonight.  671 Kbps download, 1.1 Mbps upload.


Results here:



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Thank you!  I received a voice message call back from HughesNet!  And it was in the evening ... which is great since that's when it is slow.  However, it was Friday night and we were out.  And as I said earlier, we are now (in about an hour) going to be leaving for a week.


If Amanda or someone helped make that call back happen, thank you!  Can I get one in the evening a little over a week from now?  I'm upset that I missed the call and hoping it can happen again April 3rd or after.



Hi,  It's me again ....  back from the week away.


I called the tech support # last week while I was away.  They said they were going to send a tech out (great!), but that they couldn't schedule it in advance far enough for me to be back home.  No problem, I'll call back when I get home.


I called back tonight.  After I conveyed what happened before, I was put on hold quite awhile.  When the phone support returned, he said they could send a tech out, but it would be $125!!!  No way!  I'm supposed to pay more to try and get the service that I'm already paying for every month???  And, the tech who was out here the first time couldn't come out in the evening anyway.  And if the tech comes during the day ... everything is fast and no problems.  So, having a tech come out during the day wouldn't help because everything would check out just fine.


As usual, I did two more speed testst tonight (approximately 6:45 PM CST).  


Test 1)   1 Mbps download,  1.4 Mbps upload

Test 2)   1 Mbps download, 2 Mbps upload


results here:


Amanda or someone ... can you help me out????



Here I am again.  8:20 PM CST.  Unreal slow speeds.  As usual directly connected to HughesNet modem.


Download:  371 Kbps (not a typo)

Upload      1.1 Mbps


Results here:


Do any HughesNet staff still respond to the community posts?  I haven't seen Amanda post anywhere for a while.  

At these speeds I can barely browse to this community website to make this post.  Someone ... please help.




I've sent you a private message.




Hi Dale


Not sure if I missed it but I sent you a private message and don't see a response from you. Just checking in.




I just signed up for hughesnet and i have the same issue where at night the bandwidth goes to almost 0 and the internet is basically useless. In the mornings while everyone is at school and work bandwidth is good. I signed up with hughesnet because centrylink had the same issue. They over subscribe and have too many users.

Id love to keep hughesnet if Amanda can tell me how to resolve the issue otherwise i am cancelling. Amanda please help me
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If you're still experiencing the speed issue and would like help, please start a new topic, which you can do here...

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