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Bad all around

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Bad all around

I singed up for HN about 3 months ago and by far it has been the worst experience. From customer service, to equipment to internet speed to running out of data in one day. I am not sur e where to start but I will propose a few questions (1) not sure if I am working with a bad router or the internet speed is just terrible? What is the best router to handle HN? I currently have a Cisco E1000. Thank you for the help!
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Re: Bad all around

Hello jhoray,

Welcome to the Community,

(1) not sure if I am working with a bad router or the internet speed is just terrible? What is the best router to handle HN? I currently have a Cisco E1000

Most routers work well with a Hughes connection if properly configured.

The first step in assessing your speeds is to run a series of speed tests under a controlled set of circumstances so that we may determine your systems baseline performance levels,

It is very important that the initial tests be performed with a single computer connected directly to the modem. Later, once we know what your best case performance levels are we can reintroduce the router and check performance levels again to see the effect of the router, if any, is having on your speeds.

To quote Liz (Hughes Rep) from another post, this is the procedure:

Our corporate engineers will require speed tests done at under your own account. Please follow these instructions if you feel there's no improvement after the site visit:

Most important points:
-do the tests while directly connected to the HughesNet modem
-use the 12MB test file
-run a batch of 3 tests during the day/morning and another 3 at night
-space each test at least 5 minutes apart
-post your results URL here, it may look something like[yourusername]

As to routers, there are a number of things that a router can introduce that can have an effect on your speed, both good and bad.

An Address IP conflict between the modem and the router WILL cause numerous issues.

The Hughes Modem is hardwired for

That IP can not be changed or shared with another device.

Proper IP Address separation must be maintained. The suggested LAN IP for your Router is

It is recommended that DHCP be enabled in the Router.

DNS server setting can be left to the default values or changed to a number of other public sources such as Google ( and for IPv4) (we can work on IPv6 later if need be)

It is also recommend that the Router QoS function be disabled

Your Router settings will also need a review as to GUI username/password, Wireless security encryption levels set on all available wireless frequencies, guest account settings, WPS settings and any remote account and hardware/software functions that are enabled.

First things first however is to determine you system performance level while connected directly ... no router.