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Be Aware Of Email Scam Posing as HughesNet.

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Be Aware Of Email Scam Posing as HughesNet.

I recently received the following email: 
Dear Customer,      Note: Your e-mail accounts expire at the end of the month order to remain active,     Kindly click Here to prevent termination of accounts.     Regards,       HughesNet Mail.  Clicking the link takes you to a website NOT associated with HughesNet.  DO NOT CLICK LINK!
Note the grammar problems.

Hi Lakeranger,

Nice catch!! Can you post the header information here so we can forward it to our email team? 

Thanks & stay safe!

El Dorado Netwo
Advanced Tutor

Also, you can report the Phishing page to Google so they can block it and give a warning to unsuspecting visitors:

Right click on the spamvertized link in the Email and see if you don't get a popup window allowing you to copy the link without having to retype it out.
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