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Beam 55 One Month Later

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Beam 55 One Month Later

It's been one month now of erratic download speeds, how are the engineers coming with the anticipated fix?

Here's my experience today, it took quite a few minutes at 8:40 Pm Pst to be able to post this.

How's my fellow Beam 55 subscribers doing?


My experience is I have full speeds in the mornings (7Am) , then it degrades to very poor by 8 Pm or so. Some times a modem reboot helps , sometimes not, at best I get 3Mbs, a slight improvement.


I'm curious to know if Alan (El Dorado Sat.) has run sny speed tests later in the evening?


Gen5 Speeds 11.2.17.png


Same here in the eastern Sierras. Sub 1k. **bleep**?? What is going on Hughesnet??


 Since Dec 20th I have not seen even 1Mbs speed . I did reboot the modem, no help, it used to.

After a short spell of better speeds after the news of an opening up of the allocation for Beam 55  as my data shows, Beam 55 took a sorry plunge to under 1Mbs.

The advertising keeps saying blazing speed.

We are locked up in a contract for poor service. It will soon be 3 months since the troubles.


I have to say I would not suggest Gen5 to anyone-sad.