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Being treated like a joke from hughesnet


Being treated like a joke from hughesnet

I have used the twitter account of hughesnet in private and out in the open to try and get help with my non highspeed from hughesnet. 4 times in the last eeek and nothing, so I e-mailed the which had a speed test which they now have the results. I am paying every month for service under a 2 year contract is not provided. Contract works both ways and it looks like if I cancel their is a termation fee. But hughesnet seems to have termetated my service takes sometimes minutes to get on a page . Upload a photo on an e-mail as long as 30 seconds . YouTube videos as small as 3 minutes it buffers and stops and buffers I pay every month on time so when do I start getting the service Ipaid for
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Re: Being treated like a joke from hughesnet

Speeds are advertised as UPTO XXMbps, not guaranteed at all, this is also expressly stated in the contract signed during install.

As far as I know, Hughesnet doesn't use the Twitter account for troubleshooting...  You are better off here, or on the phone with Hughesnet Support for such things, how ever, if you have contacted the AG of New York State, or any other agency, you will receive a response with in the allotted time-frame given for Hughesnet to respond.

The official Reps will be in on Monday, in the mean time, can you follow the instructions at

Please note:
-Only one device (the computer it self) can be connected to the Hughesnet Modem, routers or wireless devices can impact speeds greatly.
-Multiple tests need to be performed, some in the morning, some mid-day, some in the evening
-You must select the 12MB Manual option for the download portion of the test, lower sized packages can't be accepted as a result.
-If troubleshooting upload, you must select a 3MB Manual option.
-Multiple tests must be performed a few minutes apart and not all together

Re: Being treated like a joke from hughesnet

Hello dmh359,

Sorry to hear you weren't able to get help on our Twitter account, but generally we do not do troubleshooting from there. Have you completed the speed tests following the instructions provided by C0RR0SIVE above? We'll need to know what the speeds look like on your side to get a better understanding of what you are experiencing.

Thank you