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Billing and speed

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Billing and speed

My bill is 93.35 for this month and I know I purchased extra tokens however I am on the $59.99 a month, but with that my last month's bill was $79.99 so were is the extra $20.00 coming in at even if I add in the 7.95 for express repair it still does not add up. Also my speed was good for about the first week , then after that our speed sucks!
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Re: Billing and speed

Hi NannaT,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! I can certainly clear up your billing question. Your monthly bill consists of the $59.99 service plan, the $9.99 lease fee, the $7.95 Express Repair fees, and the newly added $5 invoice fee. Moving forward, without adding additional fees for tokens or optional services you may buy, your regular bill should be $82.93, before taxes. Since you bought a token for $9, that's why the bill this month is $91.93.


Please keep in mind you have a promotional discount totaling $15 off your bill for the next two years; after two years your bill will increase by $15.


For future reference you can see the itemized charges on your bills online in the Support Support Center: Log in and follow the instructions here to get to your bills: The breakdown is accessible after you open the bill and click the "View Site Details" link in the bottom left corner.


About your speeds--diagnostics show your system is running perfectly, but your monthly data usage has been exceeded, so your speeds have been reduced until your next refresh date in three days. I see this happened last month as well, which was why you bought the token to temporarily restore speeds. I suggest managing your monthly data to avoid running out before your refresh date. We have tips on how to do so here: Feel free to post back if you have additional questions regarding data management. Our community has other HughesNet subscribers like you who can share their experiences and advice on how to make your monthly allowance last. We have a downloadable Usage Meter available in the Support Center to let you know how much data you have left, I suggest getting that. Alternatively, you can check the Usage section in the Support Center as show below:




If you want further details about our data usage policy, it's here: It's a lot of information, I know, so thank you for your attention and your understanding. Don't hesitate to post back with any other questions, the community is here to help.


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