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Bonus Data....How do you Schedule downloads for this Time?

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Bonus Data....How do you Schedule downloads for this Time?

Since I have come to discover there is no solution to watching Amazon Prime Video without massive buffering, I would like to download movies/series from there using my Bonus Data. However, I cannot seem to figure out to to schedule these downloads to take place in the middle of the night.


I have seen reference to using foxfire data management tool and also using the ADM app for android. I wish to download using my tablet to afford me the opportunity to screen mirror onto my big screen tv. When looking at the ADM app, I cannot seem to figure out how to use it. I've looked on youtube, but am unable to understand the videos.


If there is anyone out there who can give me a link with simple, step-by-step instructions on how to schedule downloads for certain times I would be most appreciative.


Thanks in advance!!

Assistant Professor

There is something called NightShift that works with Netflix to shedule downloads during Bonus but nothing I know of for Amazon. Also NightShift requires certain routers be used.


The thing is, many sites allow one to sit in front of the computer/tablet and download something to view later but there isn't any generic download manager that I've found that enables scheduling downloads. Maybe someone else has found something.



Still trying to figure out a way to schedule downloads during bonus data time. I have tried using ADM (Advanced Data Manager) with chrome on my android tablet and have also tried, as suggested by HughesNet, to use Firefox with their downloader on my desktop PC. 


The downloads I am attempting to schedule are anything from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, especially Amazon Prime Video as it is near impossible to view anything from Prime Video during the evening hours due to pixelation and buffering, regardless if I use Video Saver or not.


I have now had HughesNet since March 2018 and am EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED!!! Will still cancel this service as soon as I have found another provider as I have made countless calls with no help! I even purchased a wifi extender thinking this might be the issue--still no change! Speed is fine; it's whatever else HughesNet has (bandwidth, latency, incompatibility with Prime Video, etc.) that does not work!! I have contacted Amazon and their solution was for me to change ISPs!!! They are on my cancellation list as well! 


If there is anyone out there who can give me step by step instructions on how to schedule downlods for Amazon Prime Video on to my android device, it would be much appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the response concerning Nightshift. I looked into it and it costs $99 upfront and a monthly charger thereafter. I already pay HughesNet a ridiculous amount monthly so am not interested in investing more. I will use the $99 toward my cancellation fee!

Here is a bit of a trick I ran across -- you might see if it will work for you.


General observation:
If you start downloading using the Netflix app in windows, then disconnect from WiFi, Netflix will pause the download. If you then reconnect to WiFi, the Netflix app will resume the download.



The trick:
Based on this obervation a number of sites gives various methods to turn on the WiFi based upon using Windows Scheduler.


If you google 'netsh turn on wifi' or similar you should find some detailed steps, if you don't mind tinkering a little. There are at least three different approaches: Dos batch file using the netsh command, a powershell approach, and an approach that mimicks keyboard input -- they are similar.


With the dos batch file approach, you make a batch file (enable.bat) with the following line:
netsh interface set interface name="Wi-Fi" admin = enabled

where you fill in your Wi-Fi name.


Then you schedule the batch file to run in the windows scheduler for 2:30am or so.

To use the trick:
Before sleeping, run the Netflix app in the evening, and select the shows to download, then switch back to the downloads screen, and disconnect your computer from Wi-Fi. You will see the download pause, but do nothing and just leave it sit.

Later at 2:30am, the windows scheduler runs the job and the Wi-Fi reconnects and the download resumes.


If you google that netsh command above, you should be able a number of steps giving a better explanation.


Hope this general approach can be of some use for folks that don't mind tinkering a little....