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Bonus Zone FAP Speeds

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Bonus Zone FAP Speeds

Hello all. I noticed my FAP speeds between 2AM and 8AM are in the 5MB/s range; then immeditely go down to 1MB/s exactly at 8AM.

Is something similar happening to anyone? Is there a way Hughes could set the FAP speed to be consistent across the day at at least 3MB/s? I do understand it depends on traffic as well, but I sense my FAP speed was purposely adjusted down at 8AM. Thanks!
Associate Professor

It's probably some form of hard load-balancing that they are doing based upon time period.  As it stands, FAP is technically "as low as, or lower than 1Mbps", where as we also have FAP where it's 1-3Mbps depending on congestion.

I would say the 5Mbps you saw, was what's considered overhead since there wasn't much traffic for you apparently.

I was lucky to see 2Mbps last night, WITH data.

Thanks for the reply!
I’d also appreciate if someone from Hughes could look into this. I do understand speeds changing due to high or low traffic. But altering FAP speeds manually is not something I was aware of when signing up for Service. Thanks!