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Bonus period "starts in 22 hours" which is 7 am

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Bonus period "starts in 22 hours" which is 7 am

For this whole billing period, almost everything is being billed to my Anytime data, no matter what time of day I download anything. Also, for days my System Control Center has indicated that my bonus period time starts at 7 am. Today I tracked things more closely. At 6 am it said "Bonus period starts in 1 hr." Bonus bytes GB remaining was 9.4 GB. At 7 am I began downloading some large files. Last was downloaded at 7:58. Total downloaded was 1.041 GB. At that time it said Bonus bytes GB remaining was 9.4 GB. Now it is 2 1/2 hours later, same thing. My Anytime GB are wiped out and it is taking things out of my Data tokens. Also right now at 9:26 it says "Bonus period starts in 21 hr, 34 min. Which is 7 am. Not 2 am. I saw a different post suggesting unplugging the modem for 10 seconds. I unplugged mine for 30 seconds. There was no change in Bonus Bytes and no change in the bonus period starting at 7 am. I am on the internet only plan.

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Is all this reflected on the data under the Usage tab here in the Community?

Could you please post screenshots? 

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This is my first time using the community, so forgive me but I do not know where the usage tab for the community is or what it is. When I tried clicking on "Usage" in the header, it just took me to my own usage page. When I went back to the Tech Support section I did not see any "usage" subhead. But here is a screenshot of my System Control Center today - I included today's time and date also from my computer in the lower right. Note that it says the bonus period starts in 22 hours or so and the time is 8:58 am. Which means it would start tomorrow at 7 am.



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No worries. I think posting a screenshot of your System Control Center is a good idea.  A screenshot of the usage details page on the community site would serve as comparison, to see whether maybe your System Control Center is glitchy. 

Do you have Gen 5, Gen 4, or something earlier than that?

I hope that whatever you have, the Usage Details area of the community will show you info for your usage.

Try this:

*Use a browser and go to

*Login to your account

*After you login, go to this link:

If that doesn't work, do this:

*At the top of the page there are links, labeled Overview/Account/Billing/Usage, etc.

*Click the Usage link

*Click the Usage Details link

*The Usage Details page shows a graphic of usage and how much is left for the data allowance period.

*Take a screenshot of that and post it, please.