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Bonus zone not working

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Bonus zone not working

It is currently 3am where I live and after monitoring my download speed for over an hour now I have noticed 0 increase in dl speed. I have 95% of my bonus zone remaining and even though it is decreasing in % the speed has not changed. It has not even reached 1Mbps which is far below the 25Mbps offered. My computer is also hard lined to the router, the skies are clear and I am the only person awake at my house to be using the internet here.

Re: Bonus zone not working

Hello, I am a customer as well, and I have been scratching around what may be a similar issue.  The reduced download speed is entirely 2am-8am, after 8am and before 2am the download speed is great.  Does that sound like what you are seeing?


If so, could you check the following screen:!/general/summary


On the lower right, could you let me know the following:

IPGW ID                            Looks like: J2CHY082HNSIGW0104

Association time               


I ask because I was trying to see if the issue is related to the last four digits of the IPGW ID for your beam.  Now you are probably a different beam, and so your IPGW ID will be different from mine, but I was suspecting it may be something that first cropped up around the middle of January.  I would do this myself, but it gave such trouble getting back to 104 after moving off that I did not want to be too hasty in hopping off again.


After getting this information, if you like, you can perform a little experiment where you hit 'Reboot' at the top of the screen.  If the last four digits of the IPGW ID change after the reboot, and the problem seems to go away, could you let me know?









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Re: Bonus zone not working

My issue is more that the so called bonus zone is supposed to restore your speeds between 2am and 8am and yet it has rarely ever done so. Even when it does it falls far below even 50% of the 25Mbps Hughesnet boasts and sells people on. For example it is currently snowing and a decrease in network speed or dropped connection is to be expected. However, it is running at the same speeds now after 8am during a snow storm as it was between 2am and 6am with clear skies. My normal data is also at 0% which means during the entire bonus zone time my download speed was still being throttled down.
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Re: Bonus zone not working

Your data is not throttled during bonus time, so you may be having a different issue that affects your speeds.   The Hughesnet staff on the site may run remote diagnostics on your modem to see if they can identify the issue. 


Virginiauser wrote:
My normal data is also at 0% which means during the entire bonus zone time my download speed was still being throttled down.


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Re: Bonus zone not working

Is there snow on the dish?

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Re: Bonus zone not working

There is now and I was expecting to experience issues with connectivity at this time. During the 2am to 6am time frame it was clear skies and no snow on the dish as the storm had not reached us yet. I began the download @ 1:45am and monitored it until 6am to see if there would be a change in download speeds. The download speeds stayed exactly the same from 1:45am (before bonus zone times) to 6am (4hrs into bonus zone time). I was hoping to get work done before the storm but because of the lack of download speed increase during the bonus time it was all for nothing.
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Re: Bonus zone not working

Not sure the mods will be able to help until the snow is off the dish. Will be hard for them to determine what could be the exact problem if the signal is degraded right now.

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Re: Bonus zone not working

I have cleared the snow from the dish. Testing the speeds now would be worthless anyhow as my normal data has been used already. All I can say is in the entire time I have been a hughesnet customer they have never lived up to their own hype. They take 100% of what you agree to pay every month and deliver less than 50% of what they promise 100% of the time. Just googling hughesnet comes up with thousands of posts with people coming to the same conclusion. No solutions though, just the same old "Test it yourself and maybe we can blame a 3rd party" stories. If I could cancel my service without paying an outrageous fee I would. Pretty sad when a mobile hotspot is faster and more reliable than a corporation that charges $90 a month to people they know have no other options.
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Re: Bonus zone not working



The following is only what could be at least a part of the cause...


The Bonus Zone, as we all know, is primarily for allowing people to do data intensive activities that they wouldn't normally do during regular hours so as to not burn through their plan data.  Mainly things like downloading large files, or many small ones, or whatever it is that will use a lot of data.  


As time goes on, more devices get online, and they're also becoming more data hungry.  For me, the speeds right at 2:00AM have always taken at least a little bit of a hit, and I imagine this is due to scheduled downloads, or even those night owls like me who may still be up and downloading files manually.  As time has gone on it's gotten a little worse for me. And right on December 25th is when I saw the biggest hit, which I again imagine is from a slew of new devices being put online and those devices needing, or wanting, downloaded data, for whatever reason.  Probably the largest number of devices, and the most data hungry, to hit yet all at once.  


And now, with so many data hungry new devices being online, and so many more downloads being done right around 2:00AM, I can't see it getting back to where it had been, speed wise.  And, with me being in the eastern time zone, it's at least someone continual, as at 3:00AM the downloads in the central time zone are starting, then at 4:00AM the mountain devices, then at 5:00AM the Pacific devices, and then by 6:00AM people are getting up and going online, so it never really lets up very much.  Granted, the 2:00AM hour is the worst for me, but the others can still be pretty low.  


The Bonus Zone isn't designed to restore your speeds between 2:00AM and 8:00AM, though this is often what happens, at least to an extent.  It's rather a time period when a higher amount of data is given to do data intensive things while the majority of people are asleep, though again, more data hungry devices, and more scheduling, are having a much greater affect on it.


Again, this is only what may be at least part of the cause.  With that said, though, for it to drop as low as you're describing, and stay there, is pretty darn substantial and would suggest, at least to me, that something else may be going on, or at least something in conjunction with the increased overall usage.  Hopefully the reps will have some ideas as to what may be going on and will also have some way(s) to alleviate it.


I hope you get some help soon.  

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Re: Bonus zone not working



Thank you for voicing your concerns! After taking a look at your account, I don't see any apparent issues with the system and I'd like to see what the speeds look like from your end. I have added some courtesy data to the account to perform these tests.

So we can begin addressing your speed concerns, please create a account and run 3-5 tests during different parts of the day. Post your test results link here in your thread.

Please keep in mind that HughesNet will only accept and the official HughesNet speed test results. Tests from other sites like are not accepted due to the compression technologies and latency that satellite deploys.

Most important points to remember during this test:
-use the 12MB size download test file ONLY if on Gen4 Service Plan
-use the 25MB size download test file ONLY if on Gen5 Service Plan
-If testing upload instead of download, you must use a 4MB size upload test file
-space each test at least 5 minutes apart -post your results URL here, it may look something like

For a more in depth guide on running the tests, please visit:

Thank you,