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Buffering Issues/watching live tv

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Buffering Issues/watching live tv

I am experiencing buffering issues when watching live tv. Very irritating especially when I have already turned off HD quality on my tv. I think I'm running 720p. Watching a football game or hockey game is bad enough in 720p.....but it is also buffering every 15 to 30 seconds. So, what else can be done? I turned off all other devices so to not use up data at the same time. One device running...that's it. Help appreciated.
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Satellite internet is not designed for data intensive activities such as streaming, and that goes for live TV too. This is especially so during times of congestion, where everyone on your beam is pulling on limited resources that we all have to share.  


If you want to watch live TV, you should try satellite television. It doesn't use any data and offers hundreds of channels. 

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Are you using a device to stream with your TV (Firestick, Roku, etc.)?  If so, are you reducing the resolution from within that device?  You may want to try reducing the resolution at the source as well (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.).  


Streaming with HughesNet can be a bit touchy.  The combination of system congestion and high latency can cause buffering.  This is especially the case in the evening.  


You can try turning off or pausing the Video Data Saver to see if that helps.

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