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Can't Download from Microsoft


Re: Can't Download from Microsoft

I do have the ultra plan and just the mere fact that you acknowledge that satellite saturation will happen like Gen4 is validation of the problem. Throttling in any form is illegal. When a customer pays for a certain speed and most times they can't even get 17 percent of that speed is telling.  Gen5 appears promising but Hugesnet does not have a good track record and is known for its unscrupulous sales practices. What they should tell new customers is this. We can sell you a 15 Mbps speed but most of the time because we oversell the satellite's capacity you won't receive enough of that bandwidth to even stream a standard definition program which only requires 17 percent of that speed.  I would like to see this guarantee from Hugesnet with respect to Gen5: "Except for very unusual circumstances, such as equipment malfunctions, we guarantee that you'll always have the necessary bandwidth to stream in DVD quality' providing you have not exceeded your data allowance."  Do you think Hugesnet would stand behind their product this way? 

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Re: Can't Download from Microsoft



If you have an issue, please create a new post and describe the issue in the post.  You can do so by selecting the applicable community, then clicking the blue "Start a topic" button on the upper right.  


If you are simply here to complain, please stop.  

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Re: Can't Download from Microsoft

Another point I forgot to mention, to upgrade the $99 dollars is only good for one year. After that year,  a 50g plan cost close to 140 dollars a month with taxes. Second, the upgrade also requires a 24 month commitment.  In other words, they make sure you can't cancel after 12 months so they can get that extra 40 dollars a month for at least 12 months. Also don't forget the $99 dollar installation charge for those sell under a prior commitment and once you upgrade there is no going back to Gen4.